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  • lithiumniobate lithiumniobate Oct 14, 2012 7:53 PM Flag

    The President did get OBL, you like it or not

    It's pathetic you can't give him credit, and he never ever said once he takes credit but gave credit to others. Never.The seals are tools, it takes the chief, the commander, the general to lead the mission. Just like there is a coach in sports and generals in war, that's Obama, and yes he does get credit as it was a priority he set from day one. Patriotic American that he is, he got this back on track and made correct decisions.
    Now you racist anti America losers blame him for something that involved deaths of Americans in service, he has no fault in whatsoever,and is being investigated as to exactly what happened. The father of the ambassador tells you to stop it, if you don't you are no better than a terrorist yourself.

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    • A case could be made Bush got OBL in Tora Bora. You must admit Obama not allowing photos to be published and claiming the body buried at sea was that of OBL is very strange. OBL was a sick man requiring kidney dialysis to survive, was there any medical equipment found in the Pakistan compound? This is a lot like Obama birth certificate, just show us the long form and picture of OBL and put both these issues to rest.

    • lithiumniobate:You are another of these clowns who come up with this "hate" crap,Just because we have different views and opinions.You call Obama a patriotic American??From his past and his birthrite your thinking is a bit fuzzy."I am a patriotc American".My ancestors go back to the Revolutionary War.The only reason they got the Obama administation to get Binladen was purely politics.In reality Obama was the fall guy.His adminisration is being blamed for these deaths not him personally.

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    • Bin Laden died in 2001 according to many many people. Our Psy-Ops people kept the phony story of him going in order to get us involved in Afghanistan. Top CIA people have come forth along with the lady Bhutto who was murdered in Pakistan while running for office and said he was dead. She was probably killed because she knew too much. I'll bet you never read the story told by a man that lived next door to the house they raided. He said ONE copter landed and crashed and burned on take off. If so, then how did they get the body? Too many fairy tales told by government about almost everything. Things are suppressed forever. All the info on Lincoln's death were supposed to be released 100 years afterward. They are still holding some of it back. Why?

    • And how is our country better off with obama's killing of osama? Four people in Libya sure aren't!

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      • "And how is our country better off with obama's killing of osama?"

        That is truly an example of right wing politics gone mad. What is the matter with you people?

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      • OBL and the other terrorist leaders were planning another big attack. As what's left of them are now. Someone thinks OBL should have been left alone, and therefore the attack in Libya would not have happened? Nothing else would happen? Really? Is the anti Obama thinking so skewed as to think such nonsense? Maybe Hitler should have been left alone too? Attack on Pearl harbor, oh that's fine, don't bother going after anyone? Crazy thinking.

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    • As commander Obama does and should get a lot of credit for OBL, although humble man that he is he never ever said once 'I take credit" You like it or not, have a tantrum like a child or not, that is the case.

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    • please don't give us your racist crap. People like you voted for him just because of his skin color how racist is that?

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