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  • pcolafun Oct 22, 2012 9:04 PM Flag

    Retiree medical "benefits" going WAY up!

    from $17/mo. to $221/mo.??? what the heck?

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    • topekabill Oct 22, 2012 10:08 PM Flag

      Is this because HQ blew 6 billion? or so with the belly up deal on T mobil and they want to make it up on their retiree backs? Somehow related to the Affordable Care Act? OR, most probably just a plain old screw the retiree point of view.

      I would really like to understand WHY IS THIS BEING DONE TO RETIREES? I hear the company REFUSED to bring forth data and allow bargaining for the retirees. I also hear the union leadership, at least the one's in power for the time being, apparently rolled over with that. After all, they were told they were "not allowed to bargain for retirees". Hmm, I thought that was the rally cry back in 83 or so when we walked the line for 3 weeks to save the retirees medical when it was threatened then by the company with the attitude they could take it away if they wanted to. I wonder where the backbone went? Maybe it is a social thing? Now perhaps nobody cares and can't see down the road for their own time to survive in retirement, I don't know. Most retirees were loyal and stayed with the company for their lifetimes contributing with their skills to the companies success with the traditional expectation of continued affordable healthcare to be offerred to them in retirement by the company they spent their lifetimes making a success. The previous tradition of bargaining to maintain affordable healthcare premiums seems to be in jeopardy with the retirees being an easy target by the corporation folks in charge. One fellow said "opt out" if you don't like the deal. I doubt he is one of the retirees whom had their health premiums jacked up by a multiple of 10 times in one year and would not have the same hardship.

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