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  • cwbyruff cwbyruff Oct 24, 2012 6:15 PM Flag

    Since I have nothng to hide

    I would gladly offer my college records & birth certificate to Donald Trump for $5M. That would help a lot of jobless, homeless, needy people. But, if I would lose my job as president, I would laugh it off & have all my supporters discredit the idea. Obama says he wants to help the disadvantaged, here is his opportunity to get private money from people he hates the most. What do you have to hide obama? I believe Mr. Trump has called your hand!!!
    Aren’t celebrities frequently doing things for charity. Here is a simple, yet lucrative way to help the poor. Don’t you want to help your favorite poor people Mr. Obama or are your words just vote talk?
    Just think of all those sympathy stories that people have told you during your campaign that you have shared. Surely you know someone who could use $5M.

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    • Problem? The Kenyan has a lot to hide. Just like Clinton who refused to release his medical records. Perhaps a hole in the septum from blowing too much coke? His own brother stated publicly that Bill had a nose "like a vacuum cleaner." One of his best friends in Arkansas was a cocaine dealer named Dan Lassiter. Bill pardoned him from a long prison term. Any dope warps the brains processes.

    • Yeah, but you have nothing to hide. That is the real difference.

    • hook, line, and sinker

      it only means something to those already not voting Obama and have nothing else to do

      My vote for Obama/Biden and every democrat I could pick, is in.

      dt wouldn't pay a dime, he would get them, and say they aren't the real ones, not paying. there is an end to the game and dt doesn't know it's over.

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