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  • peppeek peppeek Oct 26, 2012 3:28 PM Flag

    Romney lover, explain why he needs a govt funded tax cut from 20% or more, to 14% or less

    there has to be some kind of far fetched reasoning behind it. Let's have some some specifics on why the man, Romney, needs the government help, or as you call it, handout.

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    • No one seems able to answer why Romney needs his Bush tax cut. This in on top of his normal tax advantages.

      The answer is there is no reason, he doesn't need it. He has no use for it except it adds to his account balance and the number is bigger. The next question is why do we tax payers and voters give it to him?

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    • Typical statement from the 47% who pay no federal tax saying it's not fair to lower the taxes on the rest of us.

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      • yeah right, I doubt anyone here makes over 250k net. If you do, you still get the cut on the first 250K NET. But I doubt any here do. Romney said his statement on the 47% was "completely wrong." So if you believe the silly 47% talk, you shouldn't vote for romney or Obama.

        The question is why romney gets and we hard working taxpayers, give him a tax cut. why? Why do you keep defending that, when it doesn't even pertain to you, but just fattens romney's wallet with govt money, aka "handout?"

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    • Guess you like paying taxes so banksters and the boys that run the military industrial complex can get richer. If you think ANY of the major candidates intend to change this racket you are a fool. They ALWAYS write loopholes in tax law for the people that really run this country. Congress is full of bribe takers in both parties. There's a web site that lists contributions to national offices. By googling around you can find it. I use the example of the Goldman-Sachs PAC. It was the second largest contributor to the Kenyan in 2008. He has collected more money from the 1% than Romney. I'll bet you are to stupid to figure that one out.

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