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  • thedukeintexas thedukeintexas Nov 1, 2012 3:07 PM Flag

    Teachers Should Go For Mitt

    Oh yeah, get rid of the one advocate teachers have left. The states are stripping salaries and teacher numbers. Without Obama's support and the national focus on education, you might as well go back to the day where teachers were not considered a profession or a viable career for men. Mitt Romney couldn't care less about teachers. They are in his 47%. A drain of tax dollars that could be kept at home with his corporate buddies. You are absolutely nut if you vote for Mitt Romney, whether you are a teacher, woman, student, worker, or business person making less that $250,000. Now if you make over $250,000 then have at it, but don't be surprised when you get screwed too.

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    • Not true, and you are forgetting that Mitt plans to do away the tax on dividends, and capital gains. for those making under $250k a year. Think what a boost that would give to our economy. That is the difference when a businessman is President, as opposed to a Socialist. Someone always trying to get even with those creating wealth, not only for themselves, but others. As Reagan would say, a rising tide lifts all boats. Whereas Barrack is acting as our economic Captain (like the Titantic). Full speed ahead (keep spending, and borrowing), and the ship will right itself.

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