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  • robfisk robfisk Oct 31, 2012 9:08 PM Flag

    Obama goes to Church?

    This guy claims to be a Christian, but hardly ever attends Church. Unless, of course he's close to an election. If he believes in God, way does he wear a ring that say Allah is the the only true God.? Could he be thanking Allah for the hurricane, that wiped out the One Percenter's property. Anything to get Bengazi out of the headlines. His latest reason to duck the Ambassador's rape and murder involves the FBI. He doesn't want to say, or do anything that would interfere with their investigation. When will they release the autopsy reports on the four Americans? This global warming issue may yet get him over the line. Problem is, no one with half a brain is buying it. New Jersey had a hurricane like this back in the 1800's. Way before coal fired plants burned their first lump of coal.

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    • Obama is a fine Christian man and attends church regulary. Although many so called Christians go to church, then come home to spout hatred and lies. In that case better to stay home as Jeezus doesn't say that, or like that either.

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      • Bull. Even the MSM questions which religion he claims and wonders why he and the family don't go regularly...unless a photo op for an election is needed. When he claims he did attend on a regular basis, who was the minister; a radical in both thought and speech.

        I don’t care if he goes to church or not, just don’t claim to when you don’t. Don’t use sporadic attendance as a campaign ploy. It is dishonest and disrespectful, but then again so is he.

      • really? ever heard reverend wright's hateful sernons? obama sat in that racists church for 20 years. no wonder he said "the police acted stupidly" before he had any facts. no wonder he said "if i had a son he'd look like that" when referring to trayvon martin. real nice guy, a bit racist but you think he's a great guy.

    • Obama will either be voted out or he will be impeached. Either way, he's gone.Climate change? Manmade climate change has been proven hocus pocus by the scientists who actually know. It's Al Gore's imagination that keeps that illusion going.The climate is always in constant change and cycling. Manmade, no. Gore is worried that he has been forgotten.He's right.

    • Answer me this. If there was anything to global warming, climate change, or hocus pocus. Why did Owl Gore just build a fab place on the beach? Wouldn't he be worried about rising tides?

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      • Forgot the obvious, I should have paid more attention to Barry's Grant Park speech. People were crying, fainting, so caught up in the rhetoric. Now they realize he's just another Chicago gangster, who can read a teleprompter. To be kind, I could say he over promised, and under delivered. But, in his speech in front of the Greek columns, as I recall, he said the rising tides would cease, the planet would start to heal. I guess Owl Gore believed that spiel too.

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      • You are just too hard to believe. I hope you sleep well.

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