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  • robfisk robfisk Nov 2, 2012 10:00 PM Flag

    Gov Cumo tries to justify Gas shortage

    His spin made absolutely no sense. I would have a lot more respect if he would of told the truth. Like, my party is anti energy, and we can't gloss over that. We promise to try and do better next time. Then we hit him with truth serum, and he says. OR YOU COULD VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY IN A FEW DAYS, AND PUT ALL THESE EXCUSES BEHIND US!

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    • Did the governors of these states think they would sail through this without problems? They knew the power was going to out, they knew gas was going to be scarce. Why weren't there more plans for extra mobile generating power? Why weren't there more plans for transporting fuel into the regions?

      It seems again, though not on the scale of New Orleans those local governments have not properly planned for coming, known disasters. Good work guys. That they even considered for a day of allowing the marathon to continue was simply stupid.

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      • Yes, they have drills, they practice. The amount of money that is spent to deal with man made disasters is astronomical. Of course, natural disasters are no different. People need help. But common sense is in short supply. Even the thought of using 400 badly needed generators, for the marathon, instead of the victims is insane. Instead of getting, normally slow to react Government agencies in gear ASAP, the NY Gov. is wasting time gathering info to file suit. Going after those perceived to be price gouging.

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    • The Obama administration has failed the people impacted by this hurricane. These people are hurting and Obama just seeks photo ops no real help from his administration.

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      • It's sad. If we can't defeat a little wind, and water under this Administration, what chance do we have, if we have to go to war with China? Maybe God, Allah, or someone is trying to send us a message. We should make a better choice, on who is going to lead us for the next four years. Teleprompter reading will not make this catastrophe go away.

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    • At the very least, New Jersey should drop it's fuel tax for the next month. Gas is going up, supply & demand. These people need help now. PEOPLE, BEFORE ELECTIONS!!!

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