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  • robfisk robfisk Nov 3, 2012 6:43 PM Flag

    Obama Gets a Photo Op, Then Goes AWOL

    I know New Yorkers aren't that stupid. They know when they've been played. Did Barry go back to DC to kick start FEMA, or pull back some National Guard from their overseas deployment? No, he flew into Vegas for yet another fundraiser. The election is just hours away, whatever money he raises won't help. These victims of Sandy need help now. ASAP! Is this guy really that uncaring? Maybe he just doesn't care what people think!

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    • Hopefully Obama got the heck of the way due to some intelligent thought. Why the MSM demands that a President shows up at all major disaster areas is beyond reason. The President shows up and work stops, police, and other recourses are wasted in traffic control, security, and press events that get in the way of the real recovery work.

      There are people in the government that are responsible at a level that will actually help in recovery efforts and get paid handsomely for that work. Let them do their work. The President can watch on TV like the rest of us not actually in the damaged area.

      A smart President, not a media seeking President would stay abreast of the work being done, or not done and give directions to make good things happen. Showing up and slowing work isn't one of the things he needs to do to help.

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      • Yes, but the proof is in the pudding. After being asked by Doomberg, and not encouraged by Cuomo, to show. Only Christie was left. Barry, ever the media/ Hollywood type, knew he'd get at the very least some great pics out of this. It worked, a slight bump up in the polls. But in hindsight (from the victims point of view), most agreed a helicopter fly over, and then some real help would have been better. NY is still waiting.

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    • Yea, I saw Romney manning a shovel. He quit campaigning and is help the poor in a soup kitechen in NY. ( Not ) He is a regular Mother Teresa. Or was that Romney on the news today making four stops in three states. Why is he not helping the New Yorkers?????

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      • The power of the Presidency is almost limitless. Even on MSNBC they poked fun at the amount of travel miles logged by Air Force One. They renamed Ohio, as the new base of Air Force One. People/Victims should come before elections, The Military, something Barrack will dramatically cut, has tons of equipment at their disposal. How about an Air Craft Carrier being brought in, at least those poor victims could be brought in out of the cold. Times like these, you need a business man like Mitt. Not someone from Central Planning, like Barrack. Living large on the taxpayer, saying one thing, and doing something completely different.

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