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  • robfisk robfisk Nov 4, 2012 12:45 PM Flag

    Biden Draws 900 at his Latest Rally

    I forced myself to listen to this guy, just to understand his twisted take, on the current state of America. One repeated statement, and the related rhetoric, centered on their desire to "Level the Playing Field". Class envy. I am constantly asked at work, by other Blacks why I am conservative? They say you aren't a rich man. You've had to take loans out to send your kids to college. The Union has carved out an exception for you on Obamacare. You are solidly in the Middle Class. You'll never be rich. True, unless I hit the lottery. But, I understand the promise of America. One day my kids could become rich, not that money is the end all. (That's another reason why I support Mitt. He's given Millions to those in Need). I don't want to deny that to my kids, or anyone elses. My Dad taught me from an early age, to be responsible, and to help others in need. Which I have always tried to do. He hated con men, beggars, and thieves. Those who for some reason, or another, "Thought the World Owed Them a Living". It sounds like a marketing theme. But that kind of sums it up. The Dem party has become a bunch of Con Men, Beggars, and Thieves. I feel like Ronald Reagan's statement, "I didn't leave the Democratic Party, They left me". Really says it all. Probably sums it up best, in a nutshell, why we must get rid of Obama!

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    • yah but Biden won and you have nothing to say but hot air for 4 more years. Talk and bash all you want, it makes no difference, American Liberty and the Constitution were saved from bigotry and extremism..

      The people have spoken, they want the rich to pay the Clinton tax rate, and want ObamaCare. A mandate it is for 2013.

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    • This is a canned right wing wacko attempt to sway the ignorant.

    • Is that the Ronald Reagan with the oatmeal running down his chin and Nancy asking if he needs to use the bathroom?

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      • And yet again, you liberal fools are missing your hero's message...'forward' not backward. You're not just going back to the last President but several Presidents. Obama would be ashamed of you if he could be ashamed of anything, but alas he will claim you a hero as well.

        One of the more frightening things about Obama as President is who would be his replacement if anything (other than losing this election) happened to him and Biden became President. I think even you hood winked liberals might even cringe at that thought.

    • blair.wagner Nov 4, 2012 1:11 PM Flag

      If MR did give millions to others then why are they so quiet about it.
      Those supposed millions came from taking jobs from America and sending them overseas.
      Perhaps a little"guilt money" makes him feel better about what he has done to the workers in states
      like Ohio and Michigan.
      As you know Obama will be re elected and the sad sack Republicans will see the errors of their way
      and be more willing to compromise on key issues.

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      • millions came from taking jobs from America and sending them overseas.


        What do Finnish cars, Mexican solar panels, and Danish windmills have in common? They were all funded by your tax dollars.

        Thanks to President Obama, taxpayer money, mostly in the form of stimulus funds, ended up in the hands of companies overseas. Instead of creating jobs in America, the stimulus and other Obama policies created jobs or sent money to Finland, New Zealand, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, China, Denmark, South Korea, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Vietnam, Italy, Russia, Luxembourg, El Salvador, Great Britain, Spain, Japan, and France.

        How did this happen? Consider the example of Fisker Automotive. The company received $500 million in loan guarantees from the U.S. government to produce electric cars. Then they took their money and decided to produce their $100,000 electric sports cars in Finland.

        President Obama's policies may be spurring job creation in Scandinavia. But here at home, twenty-three million Americans are struggling for work. Millions of middle class families can barely make ends meet.

        The billions of dollars that went overseas largely had to be borrowed. In other words, President Obama borrowed money from countries like China to send money to... countries like China. It's that kind of reckless spending that led President Obama to rack up $5.6 trillion in debt over the last three and a half years, bringing our total national debt to $15.8 trillion.

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