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  • gishphoric gishphoric Nov 6, 2012 10:09 AM Flag

    Navy Seals (ex) monitor Black Panthers

    at voting polls today. You will see the NBPP on their best behavior. ummm.... I'm hoping for a good story line. Who brings a baton to a hand fight.

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    • ...

      Again, more signs of last minute desperation and nothing left but the same old nonsense…this bogus story about bogie men Panthers at the polls was tried two years ago just before the election.

      Your mouthpiece of the time, Dale (read winhjonrob) was spreading the same #$%$.

      Here’s my response which simply stated that the right wing’s own National Review was telling fools like Dale to grow up. The same still stands for you clowns. Voter suppression orchestrated by the GOP has been a major issue in many states, and it’s all because the shrinking ranks of the GOP lead them to believe they cannot win any other way without cheating and gerrymandering. Accuse the other side of cheating, then do it yourself.

      Posted here Oct., 2010

      "Where is the Obama/Holder Justice Department? They've turned a blind eye... The New Black Panthers case instructed everyone on how they would approach voter fraud and intimidation if it served the Democrat cause." - Dale

      How pathetic – don’t you even read your own “Bible”, The National Review?

      The New Black Panther Case:
      A Conservative Dissent

      Abigail Thernstrom, The National Review, July, 2010

      “Forget about the New Black Panther Party case; it is very small potatoes

      In the 45 years since the act was passed, there have been a total of three successful prosecutions. The incident involved only two Panthers at a single majority-black precinct in Philadelphia. So far — after months of hearings, testimony and investigation — no one has produced actual evidence that any voters were too scared to cast their ballots. Too much overheated rhetoric filled with insinuations and unsubstantiated charges has been devoted to this case…

      The two Panthers have been described as ‘armed’ — which suggests guns. One of them was carrying a billy club, and it is alleged that his repeated slapping of the club against his palm constituted brandishing it in a menacing way. They have also been described as wearing “jackboots,” but the boots were no different from a pair my husband owns.

      There are plenty of grounds on which to sharply criticize the attorney general…but this particular overblown attack threatens to UNDERMINE THE CRDIBILITY OF HIS CONSERVATIVE CRITICS.”

      Dale, Ms. Thernstrom’s column goes on to warn about the always controversial, Federal “preclearance” of redistricting maps – now there’s a political hot potato worthy of debate, but sadly, not one with which you can bludgeon and scare your intended, non-thinking constituents. Stick with “birth place, he’s a Muslim, he’s a #$%$, Michelle’s gonna’ visit #$%$ on “vacation”, Bo is a gay dog (okay, I made that one up) and other issues that resonate with your voter base. It would also appear that, apparently fearful that the gains you expect to make next Tuesday might fall somewhat short of your expectations, with Limbaugh leading the way yesterday, you’ve already decided to claim voter fraud days before the election. Now, that’s very responsible politics – if you want to start a civil war. (which, btw, listening to many of the Tea Party candidates, seems to be the case.)

    • Two guys in Philly make themselves look like idiots for a couple of hours and you guys obsess over it for four years.

      Grow up. There have been dogged efforts to suppress the vote this election cycle, but they have nothing to do with a couple of #$%$ in Philly. They have alot to do with powerful people holding high office in certain states.

    • Too bad the NBPP doesn't show up at my poll in AZ. It would be interesting. Many Arizonans carry concealed. I think too that Sheriff Joe of Maricopa County would put a stop to them very quickly. Not like the slug police in Philadelphia.

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