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  • burnintoo burnintoo Nov 6, 2012 11:59 PM Flag

    Are You Out of Denial Yet, Teatards?

    Reality seep in yet?

    Certainly Obama was a vulnerable candidate. But the Republicans lost more than Obama won. Maybe if your extremist ideology didn't require no compromise, you wouldn't have had this beat-down by the mainstream.

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    • Wait 'til the banksters foreclose on the U. S. Thanks to their stooges that have sat in the White House and the political prostitutes that operate in the Congress. They have knowingly and deliberately hocked this whole nation. Their motto is; "After us, the flood."

    • My way or the Highway. Well GOP how bumpy is the road?

    • I resent you and the president for hiding like cowards behind the tea party and mitt romney to raise my taxes. you sluts can have all the abortions you want and i'm not rich. Your out to to raise my taxes just the same

    • If you own any shares look at their action today. A lot more will come. Bet you belong to the "gimmee crowd" though and are using the computer in the library. If you do invest I suggest you buy Preparation H shares as the only thing the Kenyan is going to give you is the purple shaft. The only taxes that will be increased are those on middle class producers. The billionaire backers of the Kenyan will get all the loopholes they need to keep from paying anymore. Those such as Diane Feinstein and George Soros.

    • I resent you and the president for hiding like a coward behind the trea party and Mitt Romeny. You can have all the abortions you want as far as I care and I'm not rich either. Your going to raise mty taxes just the same!

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      • Unless the Republicans can fight them off long enough, yes, they are going to increase taxes on everyone. The health care bill has already done much of that and it will get worse as time passes.

        At some point those in Congress coming up for reelection in 2014 will understand that the groups with their hands out will not be enough to keep them in office, they will have to start listening to the working folks and will get more moderate. As soon as the mid-terms are over unfortunately, they will revert to their old tax and spend self’s.

    • Classic projection - I guess DE Nile is a river in Egypt - you know the country with the "Arab Spring" hailed by this campaigner in chief that has left the people worse off than ever. Those that supported change this year were realists - seeing the handwriting on the wall that if we stay the course we will be no better off than the Greece's of the world. Guess that's what you want - hope you don't have children since once they figure out what you supported you will know true REVENGE.

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      • Hey, the Arab Spring was change. It wasn't change for the better for the majority of them, but it was change. That is the goal, change things. If you are successful in this country, you had to have cheated or stolen your way to the top. You didn't build that, you didn't earn that you stole that. He wanted to change the paradigm and did...pretty soon very few will be considered successful, only the Hollywood type...until people can no longer afford the price of a movie.

        But if you're one of the fortunate souls on the government dole, you will still have foods stamps, your free rent and free cell phones, so what's to worry?

        One perhaps good outcome of this election…the Democrats will now stop paying folks like Ricky and Echo to post their talking points, so perhaps this board will get better.

    • Sad, this need to cling to a fantasy. It bodes ill for the country.

    • "I" agree (!!)

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