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  • bouch84 bouch84 Nov 7, 2012 11:10 AM Flag

    4 more years

    4 more years
    Of a stagnant economy
    Of no cooperation in the house and senate
    Of businesses not hiring
    Of businesses closing their doors
    Of no hope and no change

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    • America has been taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood without firing a shot. Forget the 4 more years; we just had our final election. During the last four years we never had a budget but Obama spent enough to put us 4.5 trillion dollars deeper in debt. The Senate still would not impeach him. Spending without Congressional approval is an impeachable offense but Obama pays no attention. With both Soros and the Chicago mob behind him he is unstoppable. Still there was enough fraud and idiot voters to elect him.

    • You can’t beat folks that are dependent on the government for their only source of income, food and shelter, there are simply too many of them. Who in their right mind would vote for anyone that threatened to take away their goodie package? The education level, and not necessarily formal education, of the American voting public is at such a low level, they have no understanding of our economy, what drives it, what our tax laws are (because many of them aren’t paying any) and what the long term consequences of their voting decisions truly are. They want theirs and they want it right slam #$%$ now and they don’t care how they get it.

      I was talking to friend this morning and he said he is at a loss for words…I suggested he try ‘oh sh&%, we are really screwed now.!

    • Same President, same mix in Congress, same economy, same distorted and wrong policies.

      We are not strapped with a President that has less interest in helping the American people as he is in ensuring he leaves behind the legacy he desires. He wants to be known as the agent of change, for better or worse doesn't matter as long as he gets credit for the changes. He cares little for the mess he will leave behind him. This next four years won't be about the American people or their problems but his ego.

      Sad commentary when the majority of the people polled said the economy was the number one issue and they felt Romney would handle the economic problems better but the free loaders outvoted common sense. Too many politicians and business leaders in the country are caught up in today so deeply they can't see tomorrow.

      We should hold a wake today. This is the death of our country as we know it, it died today and the cause of death is liberalism...the same things that history tells us killed all the great empires.

      The so-called have not’s still don’t have it and won’t get it. The government will soon run out of other people’s money to redistribute then we will all be have not’s, but according to Obama, we will then be equal.

      Sad, sad day for America.

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