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  • jon3retired jon3retired Nov 9, 2012 9:35 PM Flag

    Barry Thinks he has a Mandate?


    Rob.. not to mentioned that Romney never "really" defended the false accusations, to correct the leftist attacks ads. He should have never pandered to any crowd using that 47% theme ,, where was his brain ?? He can't spin like Obama can, he's not dishonest enough .. Romney should have played more kissy face with the MSM.

    The other main thing (I think), was the College vote. The young kids with undeveloped maturity level that they may NOT have had at age 21 ?? The Campus mentality that we may have gone through at a previouse time. Obama's message really took advantage of that with "class envy" & the race factor & the college unity factor !!

    Romney just didn't deliver the right message to the masses ...

    And like you said .. Obama's conclustion as him being a "mandate" 2008 ... now he claims the same for 2012. (??) somebody's got to shake him, and wake him up for ALL of the people ... not just his 51% !!

    I hope Slick Willie gave him some encouragement to "compromise" with the otherside .. as he (Bill) did in his second term !!

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