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  • ricky18201 ricky18201 Nov 12, 2012 9:44 AM Flag

    Election explained

    Republicans lost the election because they have one constituency: old people, particularly old white people.

    Old white people tend to vote in higher numbers than every other constituency. So in interim elections, and in gerrymandered House districts, they can win. But in statewide or national elections, with the turnout associated with Presidential elections, they lose. Republicans lost the swing states by wide margins. There is no reason to think this will change if Republicans themselves do not change.

    The story of this election is demographics, but not the one playing out in the media. It is all about younger people--the boomer echo--reaching voting age and voting at higher rates than their predecessors. Just as the boomers altered the political landscape in the 70's and 80's, their children are altering it now. Their political views are very different than their parents. And their political influence will continue to increase. Your children are taking over, as they should. They will shape the country to their liking, not yours.

    This change may be very confusing to a generation that has had undue political influence since the 60's. But there is no dark force acting here, no foreign puppetmaster rigging elections. It is simply nature + democracy. You're getting old. That's it.

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