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  • lavendersin lavendersin Nov 20, 2012 10:47 AM Flag

    Lunch experience today


    " The status of white people is clearly not a cause for concern. "

    It certainly is. I`m getting out of Florida because it has become the equivalent of a third world country.. And I would never move to Texas California and almost any major metropolitan area for the same reason.

    Whites have been disenfranchised and dispossessed in their own country.

    Reading the hateful posts on this board regarding the White Southern Christians eating in Captaiin D`s made me wonder about White Southerners in general. Do they realize how ridiculed and scorned they are by people like you and much of the power structure in this country. That is, the religious Christian southerners?

    I don`t think so. I think they many of them consider themselves law abiding patriotic citizens who gladly join the military, risking life limb and soul honestly believing they are serving and protecting THIS country. Believing they are respected and honored for their immense sacrifices, not realizing the contempt so many like you have for them. Brainwashed and USED while being pushed aside in their own country.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Don't confuse yourself with white Southern Christians, Lavendar. I am a white Southern Christian. What I and your fellow Captain D patrons (as you'd find out if you weren't too craven to talk to them) heap scorn upon is racists like you.

      America hates YOU, Lavendar, because you are a racist. There is nothing else about you, no other group you can pretend to latch on to, that is the object of our hate for you. It is just YOU, and it is because you are a racist.

      So don't try to hide behind white people, or Southerners, or Christians. They have nothing to do with you. You are a racist, and America hates racists. Don't try to diffuse the contempt people have for you. It is just for you.

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