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  • jon3retired jon3retired Nov 14, 2012 2:11 PM Flag

    Obama's Top 2% Tax ??


    Obama's Press Conference ??

    Obama's attack on the top 2% of the RICH .. well (??) how about if Obama cuts the Govt. spending 2% off the TOP .. (whooo (??) of Govt. spending)

    Common sense tells that the college young (being knave), the Latino (possibly knave), and the just plain ignorant that believed Obama's LIES .. won him the election - OH, and the MSM that reinforced Obama's lies ...

    Oh boy .. He's spewing more more Bengazzi trash .. more disclaimers of FBI knowledge & Petreuas (Gate) .. but it appears the MSM is starting to call him on these things (we'll see)

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    • Never seen anyone so full of beans as the OP. Obama wants spending cuts and the bush tax cut for those making over 250k agi, only on the amount over 250k, to expire. Both.

      We made a correct choice Ameica, Obama is right on. Thanks be to God we elected him again. Thank you Lord.
      Romney just proved, once again, he is totally unfit to do anything but count his money, with his extraordinary gifts comments. What a bum and sore loser.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • The secret to a compromise is to pass the spending cuts at the same time as any tax increases and put in some penalties for not submitting and passing a budget and adhering to the budget.

        Typical of Democrats is to force a 'compromise', their word for giving up, and get the tax increases then not pass or stick to any spending cuts. You can't have one without the other and be successful at controlling this economy for the better.

        Any compromise has to have each side giving up something of value to them and sticking to the deal. If that doesn’t happen, you can’t call it a compromise for either side.

        The Republicans giving up and allowing the Democrats to do whatever they desire is not a compromise, it is surrender. The Democrats do not have all the answers, they need to listen to the other side as well. Harry Reid does not listen!

    • Not to worry, the way te economy and the market are reacting to his reelection and all the scandals, there soon won't be any rich to tax more heavily. He will soon achive his goal of 'fairness'...there will be no rich, we will all be poor, except him and the members of Congress of course.

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      • My suggestion to you is to treat the next month as a buying opportunity. There's going to be alot of news and alot of brinksmanship, but I doubt we go over that fiscal cliff. Just like the debt ceiling fiasco, politics has alot to do with stock prices right now.

        But if you continue to treat every drop in the market as a referendum on Obama this or Obama that, (ignoring any stock gains, of course) you are missing the point. All the market cares about is that the fiscal cliff gets resolved. It does not care if it Obama "wins" or Boehner "wins". Even if no one wins, and they just put it off like last time, the market will gain.

        Of course, if we do come to a long term compromise, the market will gain even more. Hopefully Grover and the Tea Brains took enough of a shellacking to sit their worthless a**es down and stay out of the way.

    • Definitely just once a day.

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