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  • jon3retired jon3retired Nov 16, 2012 7:51 PM Flag

    Again and again.


    Oh "elliemay" I can't find anywhere , that Edison, KKR, Cain, or Blain (Bain) used taxpayer money to develope their business (??) .. it looks like their success was ALL private Capitol .. or sheer determination - please help me here??

    Sure Edison tried & failed. If he ran out of money, he sold vegatable and did other jobs !!
    When he succeeded, he would get a "patent"... then sell that patent. He'd continue to improve on that patent & others he just sold, then get "new patents" on those "improved modifications".

    Look, if our Govt. can't balance it's own budget .. it has no business making TAXPAYER loans & "grants" to Private "Free" Enterprise. They have the right to HIRE free enterprise to do jobs for them, but not to make a (blind) investment !!
    GM & Chrysler had a management & UNION problem ... we bailed out the UNIONS thru the Auto Mfg's management !!

    First, you guys hate Private Equity .. now you embrace it ?? Our Govt. has been failing for 4 years ... get a "clue" - make up yor minds !!

    A123 failed .. they had no incentive, because the BIG Bosses sought to take the money and run .. leaving it to CHINA to fill that "technological" void.

    And you guys complain about CHINA too ... make up your flocking minds !!

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    • There are so many examples of government involvement in private enterprise, I hardly know where to begin: the army taking land from the Indians, the Homestead Act, the whole history of the railroads, the Panana Canal, the development of oil/investment tax credits/the wars in the Middle East, the military-industrial complex, extremely favorible tax rates for the owners of KKR, Cain, Bain ( and these are the folks who want the government off their backs--LOL; they got the best tax rates money can buy ). In fact I cannot name any business that was not in some way subsidized by the government. Anyway who believes that government is seperate from business is stupid. To now complain that the government should not be involved in business is laughable.

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