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  • echo2165 echo2165 Nov 29, 2012 9:20 AM Flag

    Warren Buffet: cap gain 30%, 50% tax on the rich


    “We are strapped with this President for the next four years unless many of the missing truths about his past are discovered…” – winny the dupe

    Good God, man, will you ever grow up? As winholder, you’re stuck in Birther mode. Dude, America is still laughing at you, Donald Trump and the rest of the ignorant and sorrowful misguided vigilantes, who after being marginalized to extinction, are somehow still transfixed on “outing the Kenyan.” And why would one suppose that might be? Well, as jon, you answer that question most succinctly:

    “Obama and his ‘politically uneducated’ students .. the HEY, he looks like me ‘crowd’ .. the looking for a ‘handout’ crowd…Yet they and the MSM still insist on bashing everyone that doesn't agree with the Progressive's ‘free handout’ Obama Govt. policy.” – jonretard

    Try as you will, you never have been able to hide the fact that your overriding principle is intolerance and bigotry. Just what the he#l does “he looks like me crowd” mean? (as though we can’t guess.) The “looking for a ‘handout’ crowd” is more Tea Party speak for the same racist nonsense that caused main stream patriots and middle class America to abandon your fanatical views of supremacy and chauvinism. When will you realize that you didn't lose to a loose coalition of got thumped big time by middle-Americans who don't like wacko extremists on either side. Trying to win by calling the duly elected President a #$%$-socialist, foreigner out to ruin America" - running strictly AGAINST something with no real views and no credible candidate - and having a platform that excludes most of America - well, that was just a losing proposition from the get go...and nearly all of America and many in your own party are still wondering...what in the HELL were you thinking????

    Your (and Mitt’s) concept of “handouts” cost you the election, was rebuked by your own spokespeople. You Todd Akin types are approaching dinosaur status, yet you persist with the same tired refrain. Ignoring the message that the American people just sent you, you keep beating the same broken drum of pathetic desperation. Take a break, man…you are becoming as irrelevant as Grover.

    “I in fact have had to develop budgets and to actually track performance to those budgets and correct any deficiencies in expected performance. My future income, position, promotions and continued employment depended on meeting those expectations.” – winholder

    I’m sure they did, winny. That’s why, like most highly successful entrepreneurs whose future income and position depended on their abilities, you find yourself currently working as a multi-aliased, cubicle clown pimping on a stock message board. You are truly pathetic. Take a lesson from the new Tea Party slogan:

    “If You Can’t Succeed, Secede!”

    Good idea. Why don’t you folks just go away while the majority of Americans move forward?

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