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  • sayuthink sayuthink Nov 19, 2012 1:18 PM Flag

    Twinkie Defense

    Hmm, I guess the Union showed them huh ??... and ObamaCare kinda put the ICING on their "cupcakes" too !!

    Well, that's the Unions & our Govt. making things better for us, right ... (geez !!)

    Are we keeping track of these job losses folks ??

    An interesting post and some good points. Why a Union would strike with the economy so bad, sales down, etc. just does not make sense. Then on the other hand these people can't be too upset losing their jobs. With the new extension of unemployment benefits for 93 weeks, these people can sit at home and do nothing and get paid, of course at our taxpayers expense. Isn't this Obama and his ObamaCare wonderful for all of us!
    Now, here is a prediction. Since Hostess is closing, some other bakery will pick up on these unhealthy treats and they will be back on the market within 90 days. You can bet on it.....

    Sentiment: Hold

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