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  • lewcor lewcor Nov 25, 2012 8:10 PM Flag

    Has aggressive 'Fix The Debt' campaign started yet?

    Which "racist" made such a claim? Or is it just something made up in your fetid brain? Nice thing about Black neighborhoods. They don't discriminate. They'll go after a Black just as quick as a White.

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    • "Which "racist" made such a claim?"

      Lavendar. He's upset because he thinks his food stamps might get cut. He blames minorities for this, and probably every failure he's had in life. In between racist rants, that's the bread and butter issue he's concerned with--his food stamp allotment.

      "They don't discriminate."

      They? Who is this they going after people? Grandma's? Working people? If your racist mind thinks "black" equates to "criminal", then God help you. It may help you to ask yourself if you think criminals of any race discriminate? There are white people who have robbed their own mothers, drowned their own children, and shot up their own classrooms. When I was growing up, every dealer in my neighborhood was white, and there was no lack of drugs.

      Do you know why criminals don't discriminate? Because their defining characteristic is that they are criminals, not that they belong to any particular demographic group. Judge people by the content of their character and you'll do alright in this world.

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      • You know winholder, you and Mitt can call things like the Dream Act gifts and bribery. If that's the case, what do you think Mitt's tax plan was other than a gift people with large amounts of wealth bearing unearned income?

        The American people chose between two stark policy choices. And despite large amounts of off-the-books money spent by certain individuals to secure the benefits of Romney's gifts for themselves, the American people chose wisely.

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