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  • jon3retired jon3retired Nov 21, 2012 9:40 PM Flag

    California Nurses on Strike, cause of Barry


    Yep .. they tried it with Hostess, topping it off with the ObamaCare hit ... heck, it really gave Hostess a dim future .. huh ??

    Hostess just took a page out of Romney's "Business 101 Handbook" and shut the Company down. If Obama & the Unions want to make it hard on business, then they'll just have to accept the 18,500 job losses !!

    I DO feel for the 18.5 K , specially this time of the year - but it's like I said when I went on strike about 10 years ago .. "hey guys, we can't price ourselves out of the market" !!

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    • It really makes me laugh, when I think about how many Dumb Dem policies run counter to each other. For example, Nanny Bloomberg should be delighted that Hostess (twinkes, and ho ho(s), ring dings, ding dongs), will no longer be made. Just think of the heart attacks prevented. However, these makers of dangerous desserts, are Union Members who funnel their dues to the Dem Money laundering machine. On which side should Barry come down on this one? It's easy, he'll just ignore it. Heck, he's taking a victory lap in Asia, on yet another vacation. One thing for sure, this Presidente has campaigning, and the kicking back part of the Presidency down to a science. It's the governing, (aka heavy lifting) part of the job (Middle East Meltdown), that always gets put on the back burner.

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