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  • jon3retired jon3retired Nov 24, 2012 8:43 AM Flag

    Morsi = Peace Deal = Foreign Aid !!


    Then delivers "sock.eye salmon" (dead fish) to the US, and to his own people !!

    I wonder how much Morsi rec'd from the US to broker this PEACE DEAL and did the US agree to let him become a Pharaoh ... I can speculate the US did, because this all happened too fast .. "OR" .. he took the money, delivered the "dead fish" and ran away laughing at the FOOL ON THE HILL !!

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    • We've had too many "fools on the hill" handing out your tax money to every thieving con man on earth. One nation even deliberately attacked one of our unarmed naval ships in a "False Flag" attempt . Think there was any penalty? Nope, we raised their payoff and they "paid us back" with that increase. I understand they have government health care too that is obviously partially paid for by your taxes.

    • The Muslim Brotherhood has been on the U.S.'s and Britain's intelligence payrolls since the 1920's. Just as Al Queda was created by the CIA.. They create "enemies" to justify their insane desire to run the world and you and I get to pay for it. 1984 has come and gone and "Big Brother" is totally in charge. The "Ministry of Truth" tells you all you need to know.

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      • While that theory may be a bit farfetched, the Arab Spring is turning into an Arab pain in the #$%$ for Obama.

        The people he supported are now turning out to be a liability and a real sore spot for him. They are turning into the anti-American, radical Muslims that many projected they would be. Yet, we still send them money, money to call us names, support our enemies, and defame the US name. Makes sense to me!

        Just yet another example of the lack of leadership and due diligence on the part of this administration and the poor management of our fiscal and political resources.

        Congress is afraid to resist this President, fearing they will be called racist dupes.

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