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  • jon3retired jon3retired Nov 29, 2012 5:28 PM Flag

    Norquist Popular With Lib. Democrats


    OH NO ... Obama requests meeting with Romney .. WHY ??

    Well it may be simple (??) - he wants a photo op to make it look like he's reaching across the isle with his former opponent !!
    But maybe it's just like the prev. photo ops over the past 4 years, get the "photo" then blame the other side !!

    Bohnoer said today ... they're having NO PROGRESS on the fiscal cliff !!

    Is this just MORE "smoke & mirrors" (??), so far it seems that way !!

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    • At this point the fiscal cliff negotiations are all politics. Democrats have proposed the revenue increases (which are very popular), but neither side wants to be the one that proposes cuts. This has been the Republican problem all along--they talk the talk but when it's time to get down to the business of making cuts, they don't walk the walk. Heck, they spent the campaign accusing Obama of cutting Medicare.

      Well, now they've really backed themselves into a corner. They banked everything on making Obama a one term president. The Democrats are coming off a 2nd win that has serious implications for the electoral college maps (many of those purple states are now decidedly blue). The revenue increases are coming. Republicans are divided. And they're being faced with the spectre of either not being able to come up with the solid spending cut proposals they have repeatedly demanded or being the ones who cut Medicare, which they have also repeatedly demanded.

      That's why I laughed at winholder when he was complaining about "Congress" never actually dealing with fiscal concerns. Well, now they are. And we see who is walking the walk. It's the ones who found both the spending cuts and the revenue to maintain Medicare.

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      • Thus far there has been very little walking the walk, just a lot of threats, name-calling, and wasting of time...kind of like this message board. In Congress neither side has done much of anything yet nor neither has Obama outside of participating in the name-calling and threats. He thinks he doesn't have to negotiate because he won and he will go on another campaign tour to convince the American people he is right. It makes little difference if he is right or wrong (which I think he is) because Congress, particularly those up for reelection in two years, will have to make the call.

        The tax laws are a convoluted, corrupt mess. Who wrote them?

        The housing and banking industry hit a wall a few years ago. Who wrote the laws that changed their processes that lead to the fiasco that started many of our problems?

        Medicare, Social Security has been in danger of falling apart for decades now. Who wrote the laws that dictate how they operate and are they are funded? Who has ignored calls from nearly everyone that something needs to be done?

        The answer to these and many other questions around our financial difficulties is of course CONGRESS!

        Politics and not the needs or the future of this country will lead to the decision made over this current fiasco and that will not lead to the best outcome for the taxpayers.

        Wanna bet they go home for yet another recess before they reach agreement?

      • "That's why I laughed at winholder when he was complaining about "Congress" never actually dealing with fiscal concerns. Well, now they are."

        Your humor is sick if that made you laugh. Congress is still not working on this problem. The Republicans are making offers in the media; Obama is refusing them in the media, meaning neither side has likely put much effort into understanding the other. When was the last time you heard anything from Dirty Harry or Nut Job Nancy? How are they involved in any decisions? Zero.

        This is Obama saying I am going to win regardless of what you want and making his case in the media instead of doing and honest job of negotiating or listening. He certainly isn't leading; he is only posturing and posing.

        You may call it an anti-Congress rant, but tell me, what actions has Congress taken in the past 6-8 years that have had a positive impact on this county's economy or economy?

        He is the one blocking. He continually says that unless I get the tax increases I want, I will take the ball and go home. That is his idea of bi-partisanship…I win, you lose.

        If the MSM would ever grow a pair and tell the truth or even look for the truth, we might have a different situation.

      • 'This has been the Republican problem all along--they talk the talk but when it's time to get down to the business of making cuts, they don't walk the walk.'

        Then why don't the Democrats walk the walk, show some leadership, and propose the cuts? Are they too afraid to do anything when the economy is still tanking with an election just two years away? If the Democrats have the knowledge to solve the financial problems of the century, why aren't they taking the lead? Propose the fearful cuts and begin a negotiation over a final list, just claiming that they want stuff but it has to be our stuff is not showing leadership or negotiation, but an extreme dictatorial attitude. Harry Reid couldn't lead a parade of ants to a picnic let along the Senate.

        Even Little Timmy was waffling and saying they could get this done if the Republicans would just roll over and do what we want.

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