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  • jon3retired jon3retired Dec 5, 2012 5:26 PM Flag

    Will The MEDIA Grow "Kahuna's" ??


    Gosh "whopper" .. I'm still thinking about your post (and thx.)

    The OJ glove thing (??) .. I remember that "vividly"... BOY was that a STRETCH !!

    I've had gloves like that before, and they're meant to be a "second skin". All he did was spread his fingers to make it appear they didn't fit.
    But that type of glove ?? .. it takes 3 to 4 pulls, with ones fingers fully extended but barely open to make them fit properly .. much like "Rush", you've got to fit him to his "real" message, not the entertainment part .
    The MSM (??) mmm well - they just repeat what Obama and his crew say, they (Obama) totally re-define Websters Dictionary.

    And again .. Rush (??) .. I don't get too hung up on Rush without being able to decipher his "showmanship" as it applies to his message !! -- and Rush is not "president"

    Thumbs up on everything except how "critical" my post is ... most is food for thought "as I see it", for what is fair for everyone that is "pure of heart" .. for a path that will serve the "Have's" AND the "Have Nots" without intervening Govt. controls - other than natural laws of reciprocity.

    BUT (??) nonsense can meet nonsense ... (depending ??) .... thx ..

    This topic is deleted.
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