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  • jon3retired jon3retired Dec 10, 2012 10:49 AM Flag

    Is it time we Punish Single Women?


    True Rob ... you and windy make good points - It's good leaders vs. deceitful leaders and their attitude towards women.

    It's a tendency towards chauvanism and an infereority complex, by nature of ones gender .. aka discrimination by ones leaders & that particular country's interpretation of Sharia - But I would need to study that further because I currently have a "dim" view of Sharia.

    Windy now gives me reason to "reserve" this judgement ??

    However, no homosexuals etc in "Iran" (??) .. well, I'll speculate it's "none" that would dare openly admit it !!

    Not like our "current" ever evolving leader .. that make his decisions based on which way the wind is blowing, and how much $ support from that particular group .. and what servers HIM personally, bedamning our our our forefathers rules of fairness for Govt. and it's over-reach !!

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