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  • geoff_holt_2000 geoff_holt_2000 Dec 14, 2012 11:58 AM Flag

    Biggest Lie of the Year

    Oh, they were not uninformed - Hannity and Beck and Limbaugh told them everything they needed/wanted to hear as they sat in their little podunk suburbs looking forward to a night out at Captain D's fussing about "entitlements" after cashing their Federal/State/Municipal pension or SSI check. But it's not an entitlement because they "earned" it.

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    • Cool, so we know that at least five frequent posters to this board are sucking on the tit of their Federal/State/Municipal pension or SSI check while whining about the "entitlements" of others. Do any of you deluded sh+tbags want to put your names to your thumbs down and verify that you are not currently sucking on the public tit?

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