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  • lavendersin lavendersin Dec 17, 2012 11:23 AM Flag



    The fathers of L anza and H olmes were both expected to testify in the L i bor affair. The chances for this type of coincidence to occur are almost non existence.

    Who is really killing innocent children and adults?

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    • This guy, for instance, should never, ever have access to an AR-15. He's looney toons. Yet he could probably buy one easily and legally for less than $500.

      Granted, cowards like Lavendar are also known to run over children with trucks. But they cannot kill 26 people in a little over 2 minutes with a truck. Might he find another way? Certainly, if he had the brains and consistent drive to do so and could do so alone and without tipping anyone off. It takes little by way of brains, collaboration or consistent effort to buy and use an AR-15. That makes the AR-15 a perfect weapon for delusional, moronic losers like Lavlew. This is a problem.

      BTW, thanks for being so ridiculously predictable, Lavlew.

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      • The media, which you liberals think are the truth masters have also reported that the killer tried to buy a weapon and was turned away because of the current gun laws. The fact that his mother was apparently a fool or just plain stupid is not being reported. She has a kid with mental issues and her way of bonding with him is shooting guns?????

        She is dead of course, but where is her accountability in this situation?

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