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  • usganut usganut Dec 17, 2012 2:45 PM Flag


    The media, which you liberals think are the truth masters have also reported that the killer tried to buy a weapon and was turned away because of the current gun laws. The fact that his mother was apparently a fool or just plain stupid is not being reported. She has a kid with mental issues and her way of bonding with him is shooting guns?????

    She is dead of course, but where is her accountability in this situation?

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    • "where is her accountability in this situation?"

      Dead. But even if she was alive and being persecuted would it make a difference? If your plan to prevent mass killings with assault rifles is that 315 million Americans be 100% responsible 100 percent of the time, I think that may be prone to failure.

      What do you think is the difference between an assault rifle and, say, dynamite, grenades or claymores? Why is even a single shot gun with a caliber over .50 illegal, but an assault rifle not legal? What is the difference, or do you think these should be legal too?

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