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  • echo2165 echo2165 Dec 19, 2012 2:41 PM Flag

    Cars versus guns...



    “And then, compare your list to the number of automobile related deaths in the U.S. Every year for the last 62 years those deaths have exceeded 32,367 each and every year. There have been well over 2 MILLION of them since 1950! Do you also advocate "automobile control" too? After all, if there were no cars = no car deaths. Same illogical argument as your gun control fantasy!” – gms47cb (that would be jon)

    Hey, what great logic. I’ll go one step further. Eliminate all the automobiles and they’ll be no more drive-by shootings!

    Advocate automobile control? No, I just renewed my license, tags and insurance simply because I enjoy spending time at the BMV – Why? Are there laws that say I have to do that stuff? Oh, right, the “automobile control” of which you are apparently oblivious, has already favorably impacted the statistics. Thanks for, quite accidentally on your part, debunking your “Illogical argument”. And how timely – check this out, goofy.

    Gun deaths set to outstrip car fatalities for first time in 2015
    Liz Goodwin – The Lookout – earlier today

    “The CDC estimates that auto-related deaths--long on the decline as more motorists wear seat-belts and face harsher penalties for drunk driving--will fall to 32,000 in 2015. Deaths from firearms, which include suicides and accidents, are estimated to rise to 33,000 over the same period.”

    You really don’t have to argue with these people. Just give them enough rope… Oh, wait, rope legislation pending. Oh, wait again…they already did that with the hemp laws. Change that…give them enough rope and they’ll embarrass themselves to death.

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