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  • robfisk robfisk Dec 20, 2012 9:27 PM Flag

    Barry Targets Old Folks Dividends

    Stock yielding 4% or better, are trading near 52 week lows. Obummer has the stats, only 16% of the elderly bothered to vote. Most economists are urging the FOMC to stop buying our debt. The short term meltdown (and these financial tricks), could be disasterous, once the market starts to fall. I think old folks should have voted for that businessman, old what's his name.

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    • They will use any collapse to use as an excuse for more financial control by the usurious shysters that caused it all in the first place. Goldman-Sachs was the main mover in the derivatives scam that led to the housing collapse. Ex officers of that company now run every financial department in the government. The shills keep lying about the Kenyan being for the little guy. He's in lockstep with those stealing the whole country.

    • "Most economists are urging the FOMC to stop buying our debt."

      No they are not. Most economists are busy debating whether the FOMC should have set targets for unemployment/inflation. They are quite confident that the Fed should keep "buying our debt" as you put it.

      Additionally, about 70% of seniors vote in every presidential election, compared to 60% of the general population. Seniors made up 21% of the 2012 electorate--a new record. For the previous four elections they failed to top 16%. The proportion of seniors in the electorate should continue to rise as the baby boomers get older.

      More lies from so-called conservatives. Election's over. You can stop now.

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      • The financial manipulations that this Adminstration, (along with the Chinese debt buying), can't go on forever. The day of reckoning will come, sooner than many believe. Drastic spending cuts, now, ASAP, will send the signal to the world, that we are serious about improving our National Debt Crisis. When the plug is pulled, and things start going down the drain, stopping the whirlpool, ( race to the bottom), is harder than it appears..

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