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  • robfisk robfisk Dec 21, 2012 12:42 PM Flag

    Wayne La Pierre For President

    What a no non-sense, common sense guy. It only makes sense to protect our children. The dems, Obama included, constantly mention, we need more Police Officers. Why can't we have a good guy with a gun, at every school? Even if they were successful at outlawing all the long guns, we'd still have to worry about pistols. This is a real, workable solution to a pressing problem, caused by the violence driven Hollyweird Media, that Obama puts on a pedestal. I own no weapons, but I joined the NRA Today. If the left is sucessful at destroying this American institution, only the criminals will have guns.

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    • "perhaps his physical assault of that 'vigilante' might have been."

      Vigilante is the correct word. Zimmerman had no place following and harassing Martin. Perhaps if he was not armed he would not have made that mistake, and Martin would have walked home and grown up to become a mature adult.

      The difference between you and I is that you think Zimmerman was a good guy with a gun defending his neighborhood. I think he was a fool with a gun likely to get someone killed. It turns out I was right. The last thing we need is more "good guys" like Zimmerman, armed with AR-15s, roaming the streets.

    • There I was with Crapo and one of us had to do the thinking. It was up to me because Crapo was well, Crapo. So I cooked up this everybody is at fault except the NRA that bought off the politicians to have machine guns in the hands of the mentally ill.

    • There was an armed guard at Columbine. How did that work out?
      Clinton asked for 100,000 increase in policemen and the NRA ridiculed that and the request died. Now the NRA wants 100,000 few police in schools. The Republicans want smaller government but 100,000 new police. What is the total cost of 100,000 police?
      Stopping the mfg of all pistols and all military type weapons with clips and it cost NOTHING. and without a doubt there will be a huge decrease in murders and armed robberies. That will not end murders and armed robberies but I would guess about 50% decrese in violent crime and the cost is nothing. In fact, soon we would need less policemen.

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      • "What is the total cost of 100,000 police?"

        NPR estimated over $8 billion to put an officer in every school. Note that these same people are also saying we should improve our mental health system (after forcing cuts for decades). How? By cutting the taxes of people with mental disorders and hoping they know what to do with the savings? Hope the market sorts it out? Pray they don't use their tax credits to buy an AR-15 and the latest edition of Grand Theft Auto?

        These are the consequences of Republican irresponsibility and contempt for public infrastructure. Law enforcement has been cut. Mental health has been cut. Schools have been cut. They have no solutions to the problems they've created. Heck, they don't even see a problem.

        You really have to question the sanity of people that want to keep s*x education out of schools and bring guns into them.

      • In Baltimore, kids, & parents would welcome more Police. I believe the city has about 50 thousand heroin addicts. These people hang out at schools, and prey on the kids. No plan is perfect. The great things about Officers is they become familar with who belongs, and those who don't. Crime is out of control here cause of the illegal alien problem. They have flooded our communities with cheaper, and cheaper drugs.

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      • Columbine and this last instance are anomalies. Tragic to be sure but in both cases they were perpetrated by mentally deranged individuals with the same 'I don't care if I die' attitude of a suicidal terrorist. There is little defense against those sort of people, they are hard to recognize if they don't want to be, their problems are often facilitated by, caused or hidden by their families and others closest to them.

        To overact to the actions of these demented souls is nearly as unfortunate...the deaths are fewer but the demented actions of large numbers of fools could be even more detrimental in the long run.

        Changing the gun laws while in such a stressed state of mind is careless at best. People grumble about being able to buy guns at gun shows without adequate background checks but no one has been able to quantify how many criminals or mass killers have actually purchased their weapons in such a manner. The most recent example of insanity used weapons purchased legally by his parent! By a parent how thought that her son has some problems relating properly with society, so let’s go shot guns to bond with each other. I am not sure the shooter was the only mentally troubled soul in that family.

        Common sense needs to be ruling factor in investigating necessary or adequate and useful guns laws, not panic, anger, or sorrow. Unfortunately our media and government don't understand that sort of common sense. Haste will not lead to good decisions.

        Restricting the purchase and ownership of weapons on such a drastic basis will only weaken the opportunities of self-defense by a law-abiding society. Such gun law changes will not stop criminals from obtaining weapons and they are the ones that need to be stopped.

    • The government IS the criminal. Founding fathers understood this. Government is the primary killer of millions of people down through the centuries. Had those people been armed it would have been government thugs that died. Even in the Old Testament weapon control is mentioned. When the Phililistines over ran ancient Israel they banned Israelites from having forges. Why? So the couldn't make swords to defend themselves. Jesus Christ told his disciples to sell their coats and buy a sword. It's better to be cold than unarmed.

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      • Shut up you withered old boob. To the extent you are even capable of thought, nobody cares what you think.

        December 26 is fast upon us and I still do not have confirmation of your arrival at Red's Java Hut on the wharves of SF for a beer at noon. Could it be that you are an all talk, no do, skinny armed little wussy? Actually, why am I asking, we know the answer. Poor Marjorie!

        There are ways of tracking people...there are ways of tracking people...there are ways of tracking people...waaahhhhh...

    • You need to buy a weapon. If a home invasion occurs in the middle of the night how are you going to protect your family. Get some safety training to go along with your new gun

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      • I'm surrounded by Police, and those who shoot, here in my neighborhood. I know that likely won't help me, if someone decides they are doing a home invasion. Anything can happen, anywhere, at any time. But this is a low crime area. Most home invasions here in Maryland are drug related. If I lived in the Southwest, a border state, where illegal alien caused crime was rampant, I'd definitely be prepared.

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      • I have two Dobermans. A Dobie for every classroom! (Now that I like).

        If you want to buy a gun for home protection, I'm all for it. Just not an assault rifle, or a gun with large magazines, or without a background check. I suggest a shotgun. Try not to lose any fingers (especially you, robfisk)..

        But I don't think turning our schools into armed camps is any type of solution for anything. You want to see more kids get shot? Put guns in the schools.

        After all, why make the shooter actually purchase and bring a gun into the school? That's inefficient. We can simply eliminate those steps by making guns available in the schools, using taxpayer money of course.

    • An AR-15 for every classroom!

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