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  • winholder winholder Dec 30, 2012 6:43 PM Flag

    Get on with it.

    The Republicans have made a reasonable offer, but Harry say's the Democrats are not in a position to make a counter offer. What the &^%^ does that even mean? Has he not been paying attention? Has he not been in the meetings? Does he not understand the problem?

    There is a simple, non-political solution to protect all the middle class taxpayers that both sides say they are dearly concerned about...pass a bill tonight that extends the Bush tax rates and then work on the rest of the issues. Leave the top rate taxes as they are, leave spending as it is and then negotiate those items without any lame duck members of Congress being involved. Protect the people, that is the major function of the government from top to bottom.

    Get over yourselves and do something useful, do something about the points they both agree upon and set a program in place to address the other issues. Forget the political game for leverage and protect the American taxpayers from your own stupidity.

    This isn't rocket science and that is a good thing, because the IQ's of the folks claiming to lead this country isn't high enough for simple math, let alone rocket science.

    All this I won and I am going to win #$%$ needs to be sent to the corner with a dunce cap. These guys are like kids at recess!

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