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  • delcon1578 Jan 3, 2013 6:57 AM Flag

    MY experince with ATT inside technician/ NE OHIO- Jay

    As with any company the TRUE performce of a company is their employees.
    Jay was my inside technitian who provided ATT Product solutions to my resident @ Akron, OHio
    Jay problem solved multiple issues that I was experiencing from the coaxial lines. Jay was able to STANDARDIZE the lines.
    Jay offered solutions, and tested all ATT products installed to insure proper equipment performance.
    Working in 5 degree snow weather conditions and also shows proper SAFETY procedures like placing orange cones in both front and back of service vehicle.

    I recommend Jay for Advancement with ATT, employees are easy to find, BUT good employees are hard to find.

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    • Great Idea, if everyone who had positive feedback to share would post their story then maybe management would accidently read what is going on. For every negative post I read there are 98 happy customers. But Delcon1578 is the only one with the balls to admit it. I retired from outside and if anybody thinks it's easy to climb poles in the freezing rain or dig up lines in the sweltering heat then AT&T needs your help. Thanks Delcon for pointing out your positive experience and giving JAY a pat on the back. Some may say that he was just doing his job but I'm sure he still needs your appreciation to remind him why he keeps risking his health every day.

    • wilson-timothy8303 Jan 4, 2013 4:41 PM Flag

      When you say he standardized the lines did he make them all screwed up like everyone elses?

    • wilson-timothy8303 Jan 4, 2013 4:40 PM Flag

      Jay will not be promoted because he does not go on hunting or fishing trips with his boss. Jay will continue to work like a dog untill he is fired.

    • advance him to what? management? that would be a serious downgrade in terms of pay, job security and benefits. He is better off where he is

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