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  • t.bfine t.bfine Jan 6, 2013 3:34 PM Flag

    Ricky Response

    I sure do hate to start a new thread Ricky but for some reason Yahoo wouldn't provide the response option to your latest missile.

    You asked: "I bet you also support the payroll tax hike. Am I wrong?"

    While I didn't support that step as one of the best of many fix options available to law makers, it is a step in the direction to improving social security financial performance. The hike probably won't help the economy, but it's done. In my view, extending the benefit ages would have been more economy neutral.

    By the way, Ricky, I never enjoyed, as you have, the benefit of the lower tax rate since I retired some 6 yrs. ago. And, also by the way Ricky, I paid in at the newly restored higher rate for a great many years. So, as you are so fond of saying Ricky, pay for your stuff.

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    • "In my view, extending the benefit ages would have been more economy neutral."

      Of course you do. But not for those age 55 and older, right? Just your kids & grandkids. What I would like to do is make such an extension apply to all, including current retirees. We'll just make you go for three or five years without benefits starting today, since you all utterly failed to pay for your benefits AND loaded us all up with debt.

      Me? I'm quite willing to pay it forward. The payroll tax cut was temporary and needs to expire.
      What gets me is the utter hypocrisy of people like you. You are what I think you are. You want to maximize your own government benefits and minimize your own contribution. You want to tax working people, and keep your unearned income untaxed (0% even!). You'll put as much burden on others as you can, including your children and grandchildren.

      There's nothing special about you. You're all too typical. You're a taker. You've just taken more than most.

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