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  • jon3retired jon3retired Jan 9, 2013 3:04 PM Flag

    Let's stat a compsny and make a lot of money


    World advancements ?? Have you lost count of your age ?? Have you been living under a "rock" ? Have you lost sight of your common sense - Oh I see, you never had any !!

    Do you drive a car (??) .. or do you still rely on oxen, and pulling a travis to haul passengers !!

    Arms = there has NEVER been a limit to the definition of the "word " ARMS !! ( U ith sthoopid) Same as = anything you can "arm" yourself with - nothing is excluded. ...
    They're also something "you" can use to hug Obama, Nancy, and dingy Harry with .... along with playing "kissey face" with them too ...

    Wheeew .. dumber than a box of rocks ....

    This topic is deleted.
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    • dumber than a box of rocks ...."

      You have no argument against what I say, as usual. I don't think you can grasp any of it. Just nothing comes forth from you that doesn't end with playground hollering like a little child.

      You see arms, when said by a person in 1790 did not include anything they didn't have or know about. They had no idea about bullets and repeating arms. Let alone my nuclear bombs manufacturing plant in China. If they saw the killing tools we have now, they would take them away, and put the owners in a stockade, not fit to live in society. According to the second amendment, as written in context, you get nothing but ball and powder guns, bows, and any other hand "arm."

      Apparently gun nuts agree, nuclear bombs are OK for everyone too, sales will be brisk There is no limit to what "arms' means to a nut with a gun.

      Sentiment: Buy

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