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  • lavendersin lavendersin Jan 14, 2013 2:27 PM Flag

    The U.S. military


    IMO, the U.S. military brass has been the best friend the designate future non White majority could have ever wanted in their effort to take over America.

    For over 50 years it has been fighting unnecessary foreign wars completely in opposition to White American`s interests, which have bankrupted the country financially and morally, killing and destroying predominantly White soldiers and their families. While Whites were killed and destroyed and practicing birth control, the borders were unprotected and left wide open allowing at least a hundred million non White immigrants into the country, most of them non citizens and/or illegal. Most of them with the desire to take over and control the country.

    Now Whites are nearing minority status with a colored man reportedly possessing a fraudulent birth certificate and soc sec # calling himself president(Massa Bongo Bongo), who was installed imo to teach Whites to obey the colored man. The military happily and gladly obey and are subservient to this Massa, this unlawful representation of a president.

    What`s funny, is when the colored majority takes over and rules, when they write the history books, they will most likely describe those White military leaders as evil White men who waged wars only against colored people to genocide them. They will never ever will thank those White military leaders for their preeminent role in the genocide of the White race. No, in their minds those evil Whiteys tried and failed to destroy them because they were so superior, morally physically and intellectually.

    Yep, that`s my opinion of what the future non White majority will think and write about the U.S, military.

    tick tock 7% and declining every second of every day.

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