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  • winholder winholder Jan 16, 2013 2:44 PM Flag

    Obama doesn't care - EXPENSIVE

    "She would have been crippled for life had it not been done promptly."

    Again, no reading for context and just further proof of what a complete #$%$ you truly are!

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    • Off on another distraction I see. I wasn't defending anyone's past posts. I was making an observation about the groundless, totally lack of compassion or simple civility of your post.

      If you’re going to write it, stand up for it and quit blaming other posts that didn’t happen to agree with your view of the world or that had any connection to that particular post. It really is inappropriate for even you.

    • ...

      "She would have been crippled for life had it not been done promptly."

      “Again, no reading for context and just further proof of what a complete #$%$ you truly are!” – windandale

      Oh, Winnie, I am SO sorry that you were offended by that. Please extend my apology to your good friend, Lewcor. I really had no certain proof that Lew paid for his grandson’s girlfriend’s liposuction. After doing some research, I stand corrected.

      It would appear that Lew actually sprung for a multi-faceted operation for the young lady that involved tongue bifurcation, double nipple piercing, back hair removal, stomach stapling, a frontal lobotomy and palatoplasty for her harelip.Word is the young couple are very happy and considering joining Lewcor’s merry band of anti-semitic survivalists with lavender and jon in a refrigerator box lean-to somewhere in the wilderness.

      And, no, Eggbert, I didn’t make a mistake of not reading for content. I find it extremely interesting how certain contributors here constantly overlook all the racist, anti-semitic, completely bogus, unsourced garbage that continually appears, while defending dipstick, multi-aliased non-existent characters created simply to be provocateurs.

      Here are some posts from the clown you are defending, winholder. Lew is simply another of your collection of lunatic sidekicks:

      “I think the Libyan Ambassador got exactly what he deserved.”

      “Al Queda was and still is a front for the CIA…”

      “Oh, did I mention, Goldman-Sachs is the front for the Rothschilds in this country.”

      “Bush was another front man for those that run the money racket in this country…”

      “Bin Laden died in 2001”

      “George Soros has stated publicly that he would "Bring America Down.”

      “…troops have died in Afghanistan under liver lips…”

      “About forty of us cleared 3 blocks of these traitors in one of their largest parades. Best day of my life. They ran like rabbits…”

      “If the freak in the White House follows the orders of his New World Odor controllers…”

      “Echo hopes to be one of the camp guards in the new gulags being planned for us by the NWO.”

      “Libs are still in la la land worshipping their black god".

      “The Kenyan is importing muslims here as rapidly as he can.”

      “Military used to have a shotgun round that had small brass rods. Like to get some of that. Very effective on mobs…”

      “The government IS the criminal…”

      “It's all going to end real soon. It's a short read but I suggest to all that they read Revelations. It ain't going to be nice as the fallen angel we call Satan is removed from power on this earth along with those that go along with his program. Be careful which side you chose.”

      Yep, Lewcor, the apocalyptic, conspiracy enigma controlling the minds of folks like winholder.

      Nice friends you have, windandale. I’m bettin’ you like David Koresh also. So, me joking about a non-existent character is dastardly, but saying, “the Libyan Ambassador got exactly what he deserved” is just fine with you? You guys have some very strange values.

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