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  • froggnot froggnot Jan 15, 2013 7:43 PM Flag

    If gun confiscation saves the life of one child (case study)

    On February 28, 1993 the BATF came to Texas to take away some guns from a church.

    During the raid the death toll was 4 agents and 6 church members.

    After the initial raid the FBI was placed in charge of the siege (which lasted 51 days).

    On April 19,1993 the US Attorney General authorized the final assault of the church by the FBI and US military personnel with tanks and heavy equipment.

    After a CS gas container (launched by the FBI) caught a couch on fire (within the church) the church complex soon went up in flames.

    As a result of the assault 76 church members were killed, 17 of which were children.

    Just a little example of what happens when the federal government comes to save lives in your state.

    "In your heart you know he is right"

    The Frogg

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    • The majority of gun deaths in this country are committed by those that could never pass a background check and many of them with illegal or stolen weapons.

      The unfortunate actions of a few mentally deranged and poorly parented individuals gets the bulk of the media attention even when those terrible incidents are more rare than the media and politicians will admit.

      The actions taken by the state of New York and much of what Obama wants to do will only embolden criminals and put the public at greater risk. This isn't a knee jerk reaction; this is flopping around on the floor like a dying fish.

      Ban assault weapons when and if they can agree on a definition of what truly is an assault weapon. Enforce the background check laws and expand them to gun shows, but to go much farther is a political over reaction. If I hear one more politician justify backing these changes with the comment that 'elections have consequences' I think I will literally throw up.

      We are rapidly approaching the state where the criminals will be the only ones with weapons and sadly they won't need them.

    • ...

      Another most informative night on the T Board. We have jon’s blatantly racist attacks on the President (his “pimp-mobile”) followed by more of the same immature, hillbilly trash talk (ubangi lipped .. bbq'd chicken-lip eating fool) – no racial slurs intended there, by golly.

      Then we’ve got the amphibious philosopher himself, The Frogg, showing exactly what these people are all about with this tidbit of lunacy sounding ever more like lew, lavender and the other crazies here:

      “Just a little example of what happens when the federal government comes to save lives in your state. In your heart you know he is right."

      And just who is it that that gremlin is defending by suggesting that he was right? That’s right, folks, these complete wack-jobs apparently worship, and want you to feel sorry for…none other than David Koresh – a hero to the uneducated, fundamentalist, gun hoarding, high school dropout, racist/chauvinistic, impotent buffoons like jon, lew, fake ricky, lav, frog, et. al.

      I’ll ask this one more time. How come none of you so-called moderates ever condemn the shameless racism, intolerance and hatred that appears here daily?

      In your heart, do you feel David Koresh was right? Is hoarding guns, women and children and opening fire on federal officials okay with you? Is it simply a coincidence that Frognot is a Texas city about 2 and a half hours from Waco. Is everybody okay with comments like “the president’s pimp mobile, Ubangi lips” and the other racist garbage?

      Who are these people pandering to?

    • The man they claimed to be after went into town most days by himself and could have been picked up easily. Instead armed agents burst into the building without warning starting the whole thing. That great "liberal", Janet Reno, wanted a big scene to build her ego.

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