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  • jon3retired jon3retired Jan 16, 2013 3:46 PM Flag

    Great Divider hurts the market


    Correct Dan ... Even "slick willie" moved to the "center" in his second term - because his first term was killing the country ..

    This a.m.'s article cites the exact scenerio that Dan speaks of = Exporting Nat. Gas, The Delima, part two .. posted by "Motley Fool" on yahoo's "D" page ...

    Five yrs. ago, the billions of dollars spent on Nat. Gas "import terminals", Did we "import" (??)- ask Obama !! They're NOW obsolete, and being re-structured for export. The ONLY Export Lic. issued thus far, was to Chenerie, a few months ago .. who won't be ready till 2016.
    Other countries "can NOT" wait for the U.S.

    Obama's policies have cost us BILLIONS & BILLIONS of dollars in infrastructure waste - not to mention the added BILLIONS in lost trade !!

    You can read it for yourself !!

    But we got lousy "ObamaCare" .and many more LIES.. at a cost, over "triple" what he CLAIMS ..
    Remember those Obama "shovel ready jobs" .. QUOTE "that weren't (chuckles) quite as shovel ready as WE thought" - UNQUOTE !!

    Sentiment: Buy

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