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  • lavendarsen lavendarsen Jan 17, 2013 2:11 PM Flag

    Guns for Mexicans and colored gangs-not White Americans


    yahoo is censoring. I am about through with them so I don`t care. It is most likely controlled by a tribe that controls most things in this country. We ARE waking up in mass, thus the immense censorship and efforts to take away our rights to own guns and everything else that is intrinsic to the White European culture that founded and created this country.

    They played a huge role in installing Massa Bongo Bongo, the representation of the colored man Whites are being trained to OBEY from here on out .

    Also observe who the main perpetrators of the gun grab are - members of the tribe, and observe who is being installed into the top positions now being vacated. Almost every one of them is to some degree a genetic member of that tribe, except maybe for Hagel, and he is simply a distraction who is already beginning to get down on his knees and bow to them . The military has been fighting their wars for decades, genociding and destroying predominantly White soldiers and their families in those wars, and effectively assisting in the trashing of the White European majority and culture as a result.

    Whites are waking up though and it remains to be seen how much longer that tribe and their White traitor trash servants can grind us beneath their jack boots.

    Until secession and we again have our own White country, I am on my knees with bowed head. an obedient White servant(just like all you other Whites) to Massa Bongo Bonga and his criminal associates. Surrender your guns, that is the message, servants.

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    • #$%$...this is a stock board

    • Do you feel so inferior that you are afraid to compete with anyone that is in any way unlike you? Anyone that was born white in this country should be ashamed if they are not a huge success. I would also point out that I would be very surprised if your "blood" is so pure. There are very few pure breeds left in this world. And even if you are "pure breed" what does that prove? It cant prove much since you are so scared to have to make it in a competitive world.
      Don't be such a baby. There is nothing to be afraid of. Get out and make something of your self.

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