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  • peppeek peppeek Jan 20, 2013 9:56 AM Flag

    Top 5 causes of accidental death in the US

    Accidental is the key word, you can't even read, how embarassing for you.

    Obviously no assault guns means no assault gun shootings. One child lost should mean every good guy should turn in every assault weapon and report those who have them to the police. Take them all away and arrest anyone seen with one. One little child not shot is worth that.

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    • What do you consider a assault gun? Does that mean when one person assaults someone with a gun then that gun becomes an assault gun. So it is really the person using the gun that determines whether or not the gun is a assault gun?

    • When the government takes all the guns from the law abiding citizens, then the criminals with their illegal guns will be the only one armed other than the police. The police are not everywhere, they cannot be everywhere. In the few short minutes it takes for them to respond, you're dead or injured.

      I find it so hard to believe that liberals don't understand that the criminals will not give up their guns regardless of any new gun laws, those that choose to kill someone will still have guns or simply find another way. Guns are not the problem, simply a tool used by mentally unbalanced people that have either the lack of temper control or they have the desire to do someone else harm. People are the problem, not the weapon of choice.

      This is political theatre that will cost more lives of innocent people going forward and those involved in the theatre should be ashamed of their actions.

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      • "I find it so hard to believe that liberals don't understand that the criminals will not give up their guns regardless of any new gun laws,"

        I don't expect them to do it voluntarily. What I think is that if grenades were available at Walmart, criminals and psychos like Adam Lanza would have grenades. But grenades aren't available at Walmart. Same with AR-15s. It may take time to get them all off the streets, but the difficulty of access will be instantaneous. Eventually, they'll be as scarce as grenades.

        "Guns are not the problem, simply a tool"

        Keep in mind no one is talking about getting rid of "guns", just particular kinds of guns. Some guns are very effective tools for killing large numbers of people in a short period of time. But you don't need an AR-15 to kill one Adam Lanza.

    • Try to take my weapons. No, I won't go after the cops but I will look up some lefty's.

    • You sound like a nazi, are you one? What else would you have your neighbor arrested for being Jewish?

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