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  • ricky1820l ricky1820l Jan 23, 2013 10:28 AM Flag

    Happy MLK Day!

    Dr. Cornel West called Barack Obama unworthy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s bible, which the president used during his second inauguration into office.

    The philosopher and professor at Princeton University said that he has problems with some of Obama's policies.

    West called it “morally obscene and spiritually profane” to spend $6 billion on an election and not have any kind of national conversation about the major problems the country faces.

    “Poverty, stagnating and declining wages when profits are still up and the 1 percent are doing very well,” he said. “No talk about drones dropping bombs on innocent people. So we end up with such a narrow, truncated political discourse.”

    He said that King would not approve of much of modern America, or what Obama has not done to change during his first four years in office. Based on King’s past speeches, West insisted that Obama has a long way to go before he is worthy of MLK’s Bible.

    What would MLK say about the drones on the precious brothers and sisters in Pakistan, and Somalia, and Yemen. Those are war crimes Martin Luther King, Jr., what would you say?”

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    • Cornell West makes some good points--he always does--but his solutions are often far to the left of what I see as solutions. In particular I do want to see money taken out of politics, and the use of drones for extra-judicial killings has gone to far.

      I suppose by posting this you agree with West that campaign reform focused on corporate money and wealthy donors should be a priority and that even people whom we consider terrorists should be afforded basic human rights.

      I'm surprised to see someone like you supporting Cornell West, fake ricky. I suppose you also agree with his comments about the Tea Party? That it is misguided, not moral enough, too supportive of the corporate system, and not concerned with the poor or the middle class?

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