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  • cwa_renegade cwa_renegade Jan 22, 2013 12:00 AM Flag

    Premises Technicians MUST VOTE TWICE!

    Fellow Premises Technicians,

    Premises Technicians MUST VOTE TWICE!

    If you have not voted on the contract offer, you must do so by this Saturday.
    Cast your vote at the Union Hall located at 1408 N Washington Ave. Dallas, TX.
    Not voting is your agreement to the terms of the contract. Do what it takes to get there.

    Sadly, voting NO on this contract offer is not enough to stop it from being ratified.
    I am urging all Premises Technicians to immediately contact payroll and REVOKE your Authorization to DEDUCT UNION DUES from your pay check.

    IF YOU DO NOT TAKE ACTION, this POS contract will be ratified and we will NEVER receive the representation that we pay for. Certainly the lack of Stewardship or rather the lack of direction and support for our Stewards is a clear sign that complacence is what they want from us.

    WE ARE POORLY represented. Look at this contract, $0.60? When what we need by the end of this FOUR YEAR CONTRACT is $8.00! What kind of joke is this???

    CAST TWO VOTES gentlemen!

    Call To Action!!
    Any member that can please volunteer to be at your garage by 7:am. Every Day!
    Greet everyone at the entrance of the building.
    Ask them if they have voted.
    Give them a printed copy of this email
    Address any schedule issues with the technician’s supervisor to ensure the opportunity to vote.


    This is a good job; Make no mistake. This company was built by people just like you that took advantage of the opportunities this company has to offer. Those opportunities still exist for you!

    The difference is in the past they were well paid for a job well done. Since the mid 70's our wages have not kept pace with the times. Call it 'corporate greed' or what you like but we are grossly underpaid for the job we do. Also our right to bargain is under constant attack. We must act, waiting will cost us dearly. Read this article below, a link is included, and then VOTE TWICE!

    Your vote is your voice!
    Send a message to our union leaders that we want support in this fight for fair wages.



    Premises Technician

    It's good to be chief executive.
    American CEOs saw their pay spike 15 percent last year, after a 28 percent pay rise the year before, according to a report by GMI Ratings cited by The Guardian. Meanwhile, workers saw their inflation-adjusted wages fall 2 percent in 2011, according to the Labor Department.
    That's in line with a trend that dates back three decades. CEO pay spiked 725 percent between 1978 and 2011, while worker pay rose just 5.7 percent, according to a study by the Economic Policy Institute released on Wednesday. That means CEO pay grew 127 times faster than worker pay.
    Income inequality between CEOs and workers has consequently exploded, withCEOs last year earning 209.4 times morethan workers, compared to just 26.5 times more in 1978 -- meaning CEOs are taking home a larger percentage of company gains.
    That trend comes despite workers nearly doubling their productivity during the same time period, when compensation barely rose. Worker productivity spiked 93 percent between 1978 and 2011 on a per-hour basis, and 85 percent on a per-person basis, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.
    Meanwhile, workers saw their inflation-adjusted wages fall in recent years as corporations postponed giving raises while adding to their record corporate profits.

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    • Renegade, I only read part of your post before I found fault with it. I recently retired in the District 6 area. I went thru what you're going thru before the last contract was negotiated. ,, Here's what I know,, 1st,, you can't just 'contact' payroll. If I remember correctly, the procedure to stop union dues is somewhere between pages 78 - 96 in your contract book ( pages 92 sounds right) and it involves a wriitten and signed paper stating something to that looks like this " PLEASE STOP WITHDRAWING UNION DUES FROM MY CHECK" . That's really all it needs to say, print your name, date, payroll #, and any other vital data your think they may need, and then sign it and mail it to the address on the front of your paycheck stub. The process takes about 2 months, but there is a catch,,, you can only make this request with-in a specific time frame of each year. I don't remember the dates but they are in the contract book. If I remember correctly, it is a 4 week window. It's one of the things that I wanted changed in the new contract book. ,, 2nd ,, I have done this before, I went to my union hall and show dissatisfaction to their representation and that the same time warned them that if they didn't get their heads out of the #$%$ I would start a campaigne to show (and help) 10% of the members how to get out of the union each year until the changes happened. I was asked to sit down and be quiet or I would have to leave the Union meeting, I had a scheduled 5 minutes in that meeting to speak. The funny thing was after I sat down the Union President had the nerve to attack my comments by saying " As a member in good standing, we need to remind our brothers that by paying our dues, we guarantee a voice in this Union" ,, so I stood up again and said " LIAR, you just asked me to shut up or leave! " ,,

      I'm not condoning paying Union dues, and I showed a lot of people how to get out of the Union after that meeting ( even posted the rules on this message board ) ,, but here's the problem with not paying dues,, if you are not paying, then you can't even get into the Union Hall to express your complaint, even if it's only for 60 seconds. That 60 seconds that I got before they shut me down, was important. It opened eyes to what is going on. The CWA is only in it for the money. Contact your local and see how many contracts that they manage. The Communication Workers of America (CWA) negotiates many contracts, not just Telecommunications, but city workers and electricians. I have heard my local president tell the stewards that they need to hit the streets and get more members signed up. WHY? ,, because it's a business.

      Renegade, sorry I got on a soap box, but you have touched a nerve again.. I hope you are successful in getting the word out. The employees need to keep an eye on Randal Stephenson and the CWA. Both are only concerned with their own future.

    • Clarification:

      I do not advocate leaving the union. The purpose of the stop pay on union dues is to express our dissatisfaction for being ignored in this negotiation. You can reinstate your payment option later and dues should be deducted in arrears. I do not know if there are other payment options available, but for millions in dues I bet our union can come up with one.

      Out of respect for our union leaders and volunteers, and appreciation for all that they do to protect our bargaining rights, I will not be sending any more global emails.

      Please VOTE

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      • Again Renegade, my intent was to get people to stop paying their dues, but what I found out was that you are only a "member in good standing" if you're dues are up to date. I agree if you can get change started, then by all means reinstate your dues. We had a strong Union representation when I started working for the company in the 80's and it can be that way again if change can happen. 'CTMUSCLE" has a post that is a good example of how weak and greedy the Union is right now. After 3 years of showing people how to hit the CWA in the pocket book to get their attention I retired thinking the only way this is going to change is to try to convince enough people to join the IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers). I never researched how to do it but that is a thought. Or maybe the "Teamsters Union", I'm sure with a phone call to one of those local presidents, they could tell you the procedure. The threat of knowing to change to the IBEW might open the CWA's eyes.

    • waynesue Jan 24, 2013 12:31 AM Flag

      Retired Technician,
      , talk like that you will soon finded 50% less Tech's.

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      • I have made a grave error. My proposed idea of dropping the union to send a message to the leadership would do just that but it would send the wrong message to our union brothers. We Prem-techs cannot view ourselves as separate. We must support our union brothers and protect those including retirees and in turn they will support us. I sincerely apologize to those that have worked hard and sacrificed much to build this union and has made what we have possible. We need to be more active in creating unity; just paying dues is not enough.

        Still #$%$ off with the leadership on this deal but if we members remain united we can deal with that.

    • ricky18201 Jan 22, 2013 5:38 PM Flag

      This is a stock board not a union cry baby board! Don't like your working conditions? Quit!

    • the cwa stinks..we here in connecticut have once again been abandoned by the cwa union,,4 years ago it was one union one fight and all the districts settleted without waiting for each other..this year larry #$%$ cohen the president of the cwa came up with a table of 8 all vice pres. and they werent suppose to settle until we all reached agreement well we got screwed again ...all thats left without a contract is us in connecticut..3500 employees and we get #$%$ on again...

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