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  • jon3retired jon3retired Jan 29, 2013 12:23 AM Flag

    An Answer for ECHO !!


    Echo, as ignorant as you are, because you and "icky" cant figure it out on you own !!

    An AR-15 semi auto rifle - not to be confused with a Military M-16 full auto capable assault weapon ..
    the AR-15 is a legal modern rifle, for all law abiding citizens that may want one !!.

    The AR-15 is a multi-purpose rifle - for persoal protection, home defense, hunting, etc.It is the best MODERN weapon to protect ourselves & families from these violent "criminals and whacko's" that manage to get these types of weapons & their 30 round mags. for illegal the law abiding citizen an equal advantage to protect themselves.

    The ability to protect ourselves, our families, our citizens - with modern legal weaponry, including 30 round mags - is the "exact" purpose of our 2nd Amendment Right, to right to keep and bear arms !!

    No if's or "but's !! --- It's all about our right, to modern firearms, to equal our "criminals & crazy's", to PROTECT ourselves with EQUAL DEFENSE !!

    Echo .. go back to your "latrine monitor's job" in your basement

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    • Go get a job as a policeman and face one yourself. Slaughter of 20 beautiful children and you think it is ok to have such fire power in the hands of anyone. Just doesn't strike close enough to home for you to care, does it. You couldn't be more one sided and callous.

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      • Yes, the slaughter of 20 people, children, or adults is horrendous, but you can't seem to consider that the guns didn't produce the tragedy; the person using the guns was solely responsible. There may be extenuating reasons for why that person did it, things that could have and should have been done ahead of this tragedy and weren't, but the key is that it is the person with evil intentions that is ultimately and solely responsible.

        Your claims that nothing would have happened had we had stronger guns laws are flawed from inception.

    • Bad topic description...there is no answer for Echo! No excuse, no reason and little place in the world of consistent and rational thought.

    • Jon, you just don't get it!

      As long as you live on the government plantation all rights, liberty and freedom will be endowed by the plantation owners in Washington D.C..

      If you could just learn how to be a good slave, then the government will:

      o Give you free healthcare (because a healthy slave is a happy slave)
      o Give you free food
      o Give you free housing
      o Give you free education
      o Give you free protection from bad people
      o Give you your hearts desire

      All a good slave has to do is:

      o Give up the notion of individual freedom
      o Give up the notion of freedom that is endowed by our creator
      o Give up the notion of personal property
      o Give up the notion of free speech that is not sanctioned by the plantation owners
      o Give up the notion of family unless it meets the standards of the plantation owners
      o There are many more, but you get the point

      The real point is, life can be good on the government plantation if you will accept the inevitable, lay back and enjoy the fruits of being a good slave.

      If you persist in this outdated, obsolete notion of personal freedom and individual rights, then you will have to suffer the consequences.

      I know that now that I have accepted my "life among the lowly", I have a new appreciation of how great the plantation owners are, and how wonderful my life will be if I just give up a little freedom here and a little liberty there.

      "In your heart you know he is right"

      The Frogg

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      • Are you daft? What country do you live in Froggie? I live in the USA.

        Try visiting a few other places in the world and then maybe you'll learn to appreciate what you have here. Start with Somalia, where "person freedom" as you seem to envision it is at its highest and government at its smallest. Then try China & Russia.

        I have never heard such a group of ungrateful, unpatriotic, whining losers in my life as I hear on the T message board. You have wealth and freedom that exceeds the dreams of most people in this world. Love it or leave it. I for one would be glad to be rid of you.

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