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  • winholder winholder Jan 31, 2013 10:43 AM Flag

    ricky is not the brightest bulb

    Ricky believes the Party line...’if it is not fixed yet, it will be soon, just hang in there.’ Well, we have all been hanging in there for four years and the march to the sea seems to have stalled.

    Ricky can't see that the march has stalled; he is too busy keeping time with the marching music played by all the network news outlets and liberal writers. The noise is all consuming and distracting to the point of insanity, from which most believers are suffering.

    It’s not entirely his fault; he was raised and semi-educated by liberals. It is all still GWB’s fault and he made such a mess of things that the brilliance of Lord Barry is not sufficient to fix all the problems that quickly. We must be patient and understand that they have to continue to manipulate the data so as to not frighten the masses to revolution.

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    • Yep, all is well according to Ricky. Unemployment is up to 7.9% as of today's report. Not directionally correct, but all is well. The President's job council disbands, so surely all is well.

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      • All is getting better, tb, all is getting better. Obviously we are still in recovery--not recovered yet--but the worst is behind us. The hyperbole of the nattering nabobs of negativism is sounding more and more shrill these days. Rather than screaming and whining and stamping our feet we should be working on continuing the progress, right?

        I am pleased that House Republicans seem to have softened their stances a little bit. We apparently don't have to worry that they'll send us into default if they don't get everything they want right away. That's a good thing--good for the economy and good for our democracy.

    • The data speaks for itself. In this post you cite it as proof that "the march has stalled" and claim that "they" will "continue to manipulate the data." You're a two-faced SOB, and you've proven it over and over again.

      Americans are not as dumb as you need them to be.

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      • Most Americans are dumber than anyone needs them to be. I learned that years ago when going door to door trying to stop the scam of a taxpayer financed football stadium. Most prefer lies to truth.

      • Which data? One week it is all peaches and cream, we are headed for the most promising economy in decades, and the wisdom of Obama has saved us all, then suddenly and 'unexpectedly' we are going the other direction.

        As the old saying goes, there are lies, damned lies, and statistics. We all know that like polls, most statistics can be used to get whatever answer you need. Of course when someone calls you on the manipulation, you can always claim that the 'facts' just hadn't caught up with the statistics used, or some other political mumbo jumbo.

        It happens far too often for you to continue this blatant and foolish denial.

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