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  • echo2165 echo2165 Feb 10, 2013 4:23 PM Flag



    “I saw this former poll worker's interview. What amazed me is how open she was about her fraud. Absolutely no quilt expressed; she was most proud of her accomplishment.” t.bfine

    She didn’t express any quilt? What’s this about quilts? Gee, Melowese doesn’t sound Amish to me!

    Get serious. She flat out denied any attempt at fraud. Did you happen to see this part by any chance? Or did you conveniently skip over the facts, as you guys are want to do?

    “In Richardson’s case, she told the television station that she had not intended to commit vote fraud and merely showed up to vote in-person as she was unsure her absentee ballot would arrive in time to be counted. Richardson truthfully identified herself at the polls and voted in her own name.”

    In other words, as a poll worker for 25 years, this lady knows the rules, and she knows that if her absentee ballot arrived on time, only one vote would be counted.

    “Hamilton County Deputy Director of Elections Sally J. Krisel said, ‘Ohio has very clear laws about checking,’ so if a voter is found to have cast an absentee ballot and attempts to vote in person, only one vote is counted.”

    (The National Review story frog quotes)…”attempts to lump all types of voter fraud in together, but does not identify a single one of the 19 alleged cases in which a voter committed in-person impersonation of another voter.”

    You guys need to get serious and stop wasting people’s time with voter suppression, gerrymandering and your upcoming attempts at rigging the electoral vote. Why don’t you just broaden your base, expand your tent and give yourselves at least a chance? Otherwise, you’re doomed to more of the same. Remember, it’s a “majority rules” system, like it or not.

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    • The tea party, their supporters, and their Congressman are frauds.

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    • If you had an ounce of credibilty, you just canned it. Of course she did not admit to fraud, but what she openly and so proudly said about how many times she voted made her FRAUD a blinding flash of the obvious. If you wish to be duped by her shrewd approach to voting, that's your choice.

      Spin it however you like. Forget about all the cronies she voted for, when she voted absentee for herself , then went to the poll and voted in person for herself she was betting the system would not pick it up. Furthermore, she was openly clearly proud of her effort. Concerned citizen my tail.

      For me, she represents the poster child of voter fraud.

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      • "For me, she represents the poster child of voter fraud."

        Lord I hope so. What do you have? Five people legally allowed to vote. Five votes counted, all for the people they wanted to vote for? The horror!

        Yeah, she was pushing the limits--maybe even crossed them. But reall? That's the worst the entire conservative movement can find? The worst of a whole 19 case they've uncovered? I hope you're right--she is the poster child. BTW, not one of the voter suppression initiatives you guys push would have stopped this. She was caught without suppressing one vote. I am glad you conservatives have gone nutso on this stuff. Now that you've put it in the spotlight I feel better about the integrity of our voting system than I ever have. After all these years I don't see how any reasonable person can look at the evidence and conclude you guys are interested in anything but voter suppression.

        The funny thing about you Tea brains is you'd be crying to high heaven if we tried to make it more difficult for any one of these voters to get AR-15s.

    • "(The National Review story frog quotes)…”attempts to lump all types of voter fraud in together, but does not identify a single one of the 19 alleged cases in which a voter committed in-person impersonation of another voter.”

      Actually had you watched the video, that was part of the National Review article, you would have seen Mrs. Richardson admit that she:

      o Voted once by absentee ballot
      o Voted once in person
      o Voted once by absentee ballot for her grand daughter India (which became two votes when India voted in person
      o Voted once by absentee ballot for a Montez Richardson, and finally
      o Voted once by absentee ballot for a Markus Barron

      Oh wait a minute, you are correct there was no attempt at voter fraud here, just a good citizen making sure her vote counted more than my single vote.

      Again Mr. Romney never had a chance.

      "In your heart you know he is right."

      The Frogg

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      • If any of this was possible, which it isn't, the republicans, not the dems, would be first in line to do it. The votes are once, if you send in an absentee, you aren't counted again. That's how it works. None of you nut jobs on the right take the time to actually learn how things work, you just react to things you ant to hear. If this were true, which it totally is not, we would have always had republicans winning. But they don't win, they're losers, and continue to lose worse.

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      •'re disgusting. Yeah, I watched the video. All four of those folks live in her apartment complex. One she has power of attorney for...the other's she was helping. There was absolutely no fraud involved. She is simply another dedicated, grass roots, organizer...something you folks who disregard polls, demographics and the middle class can't, or won't, comprehend.

        Boo-Hoo...We lost by 5 million votes, and it was all illegal. Grow up.

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