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  • dan2003hr dan2003hr Feb 15, 2013 1:59 PM Flag

    Unemployment Cisco

    Cisco, the easiest way for most to understand the jobs picture - not the impacts, just the picture is to count the number of jobs lost as this was jobs loss four years and then count the number of jobs gained. To determine the Obama impact the calculations should be from Obama's first day in office to your last counting day.

    Depending upon the utilization of private and public sector jobs the individual doing the counting will come up with either 1.2 or 1.9 million jobs gained. Factually that is not a full indicator of unemployment, or what economists would call real unemployment. Add the people discouraged from seeking work and new entrants, and the wage differential between jobs gained and lost, one finds the picture a bit bleak.

    Further take presidential positions out of it and look to the real generators, or losers - Congress and one sees a far different picture. Obama and the Democrats have not been good for the country over the last four years, and neither have the Republicans.

    little ricky spins the demo lobbyist tags. Anyone looking at the full picture has nothing to brag about. Obama is a failed leader as are the Repubs. Those blaming a significant minority - the tea party - are trying to cover up both parties failures.

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