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  • winholder winholder Feb 21, 2013 3:00 PM Flag

    The next crisis

    According to news sources, I think they have just defined the next high dollar 'crisis' we will have to solve immediately by throwing more money at it.

    The Health Care Bill requires many other agencies to be involved in health care, particularly the IRS, but their antiquated computer systems won't allow them to do what the bill requires.

    Gee, you would have thought someone might have looked into that before they signed the bill. Oh I forget, they didn't read it first, they just passed it.

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    • BTW, I'm not quite sure what problem you are talking about here. They are going to create exchanges. Monies were allocated for this. Do you think they shouldn't use computers? Do you think the IRS should never upgrade their computers?

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      • No, quite the contrary, I think the IRS should have been one of the first computer systems after the Defense department to upgrade. The Defense department has spent billions trying to upgrade theirs and still don't have the upgraded systems working as designed and have given up with the current project in spite of the loss of billions of dollars. More government efficiency examples.

        The subject was that the IRS and the health care systems of the government were designed to perform certain tasks under this new wonderful health care plan and not all of a sudden the existing computer systems are compatible with each other or don't have the processing horsepower to do the job. When you design a new process, one might think that will the genius that is resident in the Congress and their overloaded staff's someone would have considered if the process would be feasible before moving to implement the changes. Just another fine example of the idiocy, waste, corruption, and poor performance in Washington.

        If you really they to follow the story lines, instead of posting political spin, your post might not receive as many thumbs down selections.

    • You haven't made enough of a fool out of yourself today?

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