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  • lavendarsen lavendarsen Feb 22, 2013 8:28 PM Flag

    Alternate analysis of gun grab

    Analysis you will not find on teevee. Clips from 'Grossly Illegal Contradictions', by Jim Kirwin:

    • Instead of reducing sales of AR-15s and other firearms in America, the gun grab dramatically increased sales of nearly all firearms beyond any previous record. In essence, the American people bought nearly every gun available anywhere in the country, leaving gun store shelves empty. The upshot of all this? 10+ million new firearms in the hands of citizens and a one-year backlog of gun orders with manufacturers.

    • While the gun grabbers wanted sheriffs and cops to jump on board the gun disarmament bandwagon, what actually happened is that sheriffs began speaking out AGAINST gun control and encouraging their local constituents to arm themselves. Sheriffs across the country -- in huge numbers -- publicly proclaimed they would not allow federal agents to enforce gun restrictions in their counties.

    • While gun grabbers wanted states to fall in line and surrender to federal authority on the issue of gun control, what actually happened is that the Firearms Protection Act began to be introduced in state legislatures such as Wyoming and Texas. This act, which is now being considered in more than a dozen other states, would make it a felony crime for anyone to enforce new federal gun restrictions in their states.”

    • While gun grabbers hoped the U.S. military would agree to fire upon American citizens who refused to turn in their guns, what really happened is that huge numbers of active duty soldiers announced they would never participate in military action against their own countrymen. In fact, inside the military there is rising talk of shooting commanding officers in the head if they order troops to fire on American citizens over gun rights issues.

    • In New York state, where Mayor Cuomo managed to quickly shove through an illegal, unconstitutional gun control law, there is now open talk of armed resistance against the state government. Elsewhere, there is even talk that U.S. Senators who vote for gun control may see their own staffers and families targeted for assassination. As Stewart Rhodes said on InfoWars Nightly News on December 31st, 2012:

    "They will be targeted. I think that if they pass this bill, legislators who vote for it will be assassinated... they're going to be military targets, too, and they're going to be killed. They think they're immune, but they're not. They cannot walk around with enough security to keep from being shot by a sniper." - Stewart Rhodes,” And there is MORE @ the link

    It is clear that AMERICANS will FIGHT AGENDA 21 just as they have fought the gun-grabbers. Members of the paper-world of the UN are even less well protected, in New York, than are the 535 member-traitors in the US Congress. The people who are seeking to steal this nation might just want to THINK ABOUT THAT…

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    • I would assume that most, if not all, of the people mentioned in this article who are reacting to the gun grab with alarm and seem to be preparing for their own self defense, are White.

      If there is any substance to this article and the level of alarm and anger occurring around the the country because of the gun grab, just wait until those same Whites realize they have been targeted for genocide, and that in fact a well planned program of White elimination has been ongoing for decades. It doesn`t appear that civil war will be the result, as many think the criminal elite want. Rather there very likely could be a search for justice and the PERPETRATORS of the genocide.

      And we are awakening, you can bet on it. If I have awakened, I`m sure many many others have too.

    • Here are clips frpom another thought provoking Kirwin analysis regarding recent retirements in Congress:

      The most likely additional retirees would seem to be Sens. Tim Johnson (D-S.D.), Carl Levin (D-Mich.), Thad Cochran (R-Miss.), Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.) and Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.). And as with Johanns, there are always a few surprise retirements along the way.

      The senators calling it quits so far this year are: Lautenberg, Johanns and Sens. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.), Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) and Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.).” (2)

      Apparently there is about to be a major exodus from the Congress that will give “retirement” a whole new look in Amerikkkan Politics.

      These vulture-politicians will not be getting away with what they’ve been doing year-in and year-out. Their retirement’s will be tracked by the millions of us that are continuing to lose everything thanks to them: Which should make their personal-retirement anything but pleasant—given how many of us will have very little to do anymore except to think about how things got to be the way they are in Amerikkka today.

      Up till now politicians could always just resign and disappear into the mists of yesterday, where they can be protected from the CRIMES that became their staple in everyday life, as part of this damned government.


      There’s a new third force in the world that’s been operating for awhile and changing the rules. Terminating those that are no longer needed in whatever the “new world” will soon begin to look like. This couldn’t come at a better time!

      “A top Exxon Executive was assassinated with a double tap to the chest and a coup de grass by an assassin in Belgium. (In October of last year) Some suspect it was done by a private contractor.

      It is known that all Intel agencies and private mercenary contractors have "clean teams" to take care of "special problems". And most have special "boss hogg" lists by priority, folks to be targeted if a COG situation occurs.

      At the end of WW2 General Kammler, head of special and secret antigravity weapons "cleaned" all his scientists and officers using a clean team, and then cleaned the clean team to protect the anti-gravity and anti-matter cross dimensional secrets his team developed (e.g. the bell and other related projects).

      Since this occurred in Belgium where NATO is located as well as SHAPE (the Brussels international military complex), it is possible this is an executive action of the Third Force which some believe is moving to knock out old traditional money and military power and to realign power into new groups free of the world money changers run out of the City of London. A possible motive for this executive actions is for a certain Third Force, an up and coming group to be sending a strong message, a shot across the bow to the oil price fixers, the int'l oil cartel run out of the City of London and maybe as a reaction to oil prices that are far too high lately. This could also be an indicator that the Third Force is making a move to erode or implode the Petro dollar which is based on the US Dollar.

      If this is so, this would eventually lead to the complete financial collapse of the Babylonian moneychanger system run out of the City of London and NYC using the US dollar as its front for world acquisition through oil.

      And of course Putin could be making a key move to establish Russian oil priority in the background, as this shift in world power appears to be occurring. Perhaps the same folks have been involved in convincing the Pope to resign.” (3)

      It is almost as if the world has momentarily paused in the middle of the chaos. We seem to be holding our collective breath ­ but that can’t last more than a few more days and then events will begin to race toward their individual outcomes…

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