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  • froggnot froggnot Feb 25, 2013 8:34 AM Flag

    Has the gun control agenda changed since the civil war?

    Stacy Swimp, president and CFO of the Frederick Douglass Society, pointed out on Friday at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., that gun control dates back to laws before and after the Civil War that prohibited or restricted African Americans from owning firearms.

    And stated that:

    “History is [rife] with examples. There’s a direct correlation between gun control and black people control,”

    IMHO the only thing that I would add is that those that desire gun control today also desire all people control, otherwise not much has changed (i.e., the same types of people that pushed for gun control during the 19th century are the same types that are pushing for it today, and for the same reasons).

    "In your heart you know he is right."

    The Frogg

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    • Are you just looking for attention, because the real world shuns you? Your posts are so ridiculous there is no other explanation. Maybe if one yours had been shot and their brains scattered on the walls, you wold have stoppet to think awhile. maybe ak yourself some questions, and realize yiu were wrong. Since everything is away from you, how easy and callous it is to ignore the reality of overpowered weapons alowed to the public. You just don't think.

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      • I have had 2 of my friends shot an killed in a home invasion here in Phoenix by a gang, most likely illegal aliens. My friends didn't have guns but if they did I'm sure the outcome would have been different. But their dead, so we will never know. As for the cops, they came, mopped up, filled out their silly little paperwork and after that could not care a less. No one has been caught, charged and probably not ever persued. The cops don't care. But they care if you're driving without a seat belt! That's $150 in revenue.

    • Why is it we can sent F16's to the Muslim Brotherhood, but the government won't trust its citizens with a common hunting rifle?

    • Mr. Carney, the trained monkey they push out on a daily basis says that the government has no intention to take guns from law-abiding citizens.

      You need to parse his word very carefully. When the government demands that all guns, regardless of size, caliber, or when they were obtained MUST be registered with the Federal government, and you don't register will no longer be considered a law-abiding citizens thus they have the right to confiscate your weapons.

      Our government is the best, or worst, depending on your perspective, at saying things they don't really mean and not meaning what they really say.

      Staff memeber don't just write position memo's without someone having planted the idea or asked for a version for review.

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      • Hey Win, did you see the ABC news report regarding the DOJ memo that talks about the need for "gun confiscation" and "national gun registration".

        The report points out that this is not the official policy of our "dear leader" but suggests that it is just a work in progress.

        Interesting that the administration does not deny the memo, but will not go on record to discuss its content.

        "In your heart you know he is right."

        The Frogg

      • "When the government demands that all guns, regardless of size, caliber, or when they were obtained MUST be registered with the Federal government."

        Obama has repeatedly said that he is not proposing and would oppose any effort to create a Federal gun registry. A Federal gun registry is already banned under the National Firearms Act.

        The only trained monkey here is you, winholder. Your hack handlers send you the party line and you repost it here. Like clockwork.

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